ButterMilk Biscuits (& Sausage Gravy)

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We had Miss Tbug last weekend so Saturday I woke up and thought it’d be the perfect morning for Pioneer Woman (cookbook) Biscuits.  Yeah… ask me how those went….

  1. Well So far so good…
  2. Then realized I didn’t have Baking Powder. (It required Powder and Soda but I didn’t add extra soda)
  3. So I thought, well I’ll leave it out.  So I mixed it all together. (dry ingredients)
  4. Then I read the directions and it called for shortening.  No problem, I have some of that
  5. I searched the cabinets high and low
  6. Then PC remembered, oh we put all that in the deep fryer.
  7. CRAP!
  8. So he ran to the store since I was already in the mode and he thought they sounded good too.
  9. So I did laundry.
  10. And cleaned the floors
  11. And started picking up the house
  12. And making arrangements with my mom for Halloween and PC’s Birthday
  13. And then he got home with the stuff from the store
  14. And I went back to work on the biscuits
  15. And I wonder how many more times I can start with And
  16. And
  17. And
  18. ok I’ll quit 🙂
  19. So I cut the butter and shortening into the flower (er… flour) mixture
  20. Rolled the biscuits out
  21. Put them on the pan 
  22. Preheated my oven to 450 degrees
  23. Set the timer for just shy of 11 minutes (recipe said 11-14)
  24. And that’s when it happened.
  25. I burnt the biscuits
  26. PC tried to salvage them
  27. Luckily I had another pan of 6 
  28. I cut down the bake time on them.
  29. So we ate the salvaged middles and the 6 good ones.
  30. I’ve never made gravy from scratch (just out of a packet) so I let PC handle that part.
  31. It turned out great!

I’m not sure I’ve ever made biscuits from scratch.  I pulled out my King Aurthur Flour cookbook and read their recipe.  It was much different.  I think I’m going to have to try it just to redeem myself.  I swear our stove cooks hot… I’ll have to look into this and then try these biscuits again and redeem myself from them too!

Peace, Love & Breakfast!

16 thoughts on “ButterMilk Biscuits (& Sausage Gravy)

  1. I once read that most ovens are up to 30 degrees off and you should always have a thermometer in your oven to double check : )

    Also, I think drop biscuits are way easier!

  2. My oven cooks a little hot too,just have to get used to how things go I guess.The biscuits and gravy look so yummy.Nothing I had ever had till out neighbor moved into the area from the states and she mad us some .gotta say ,pretty good stuff!

  3. Try 2 cups self rising, 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 big spoon of crisco, mix together, roll out on flour dredge in bacon grease bake ~20-25 min at 400-450

  4. Yum! I am like the queen of making grilled cheese with garlic & old bay. The one time I was making my bf grilled cheese with garlic bread, and it burnt to the point it was black. He said it was ok, and tasty, but I was so disappointed! I've redeemed myself too. PS I will send you that guest post on Monday!

  5. I love gravy and biscuits. 🙂 I never had good luck with PW's biscuit recipe.. I have one from a Texas Cowboy's cookbook that I use.

  6. That happens all the time to me with my new stove!! The heat is so much stronger and I burn the first go of everything!!! They still looked yummy!! xo

  7. Oh, I haven't had biscuits and gravy in years. It looks totally yummy.

    I keep thinking I need to get myself a copy of Pioneer Woman's Cookbook but don't know if I'd really use it much since I try to avoid cooking if I can. LOL But even if I did, I'd probably do biscuits the shortcut way and go for the Bisquick. It makes awesome biscuits with little room for error. Definitely my kind of cooking.

  8. I usually have to cook everything longer with my oven. I am even considering an extra hour for my turkey as the last two years it was not fully cooked!

  9. I have a tendency to burn stuff, too. And I am an old hand at starting a recipe before I read it and then finding out I am out of several ingredients.

    I'm pretty sure my oven runs hot too, but even when I adjust for that, I still often overcook stuff.

    Glad it mostly turned out well! 🙂

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