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Okay I promised a better blog post today ;).

A year ago late August through September I took a photography class with these 2, Evelyn & Josh. They went on to start up a photography business, Longcoat Portraits.

And I went on to do this: aka learn to take photos better 🙂

I read somewhere that to learn to take better photos of others, you needed to be able to tell them how to pose. So PC and I set out on a mission… learn to pose each other so we could tell others what looks best for them. (Yes, I read that)

We weren’t picky, scenic shots, people shots, we tried it all.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE railroad tracks for some reason.

We’ve tried to learn to crop….

I’ve done photo challenges. This one was 1 object 5 places. You can see the rest at my flickr site. My item was sunglasses. (I was running around at the falls in my socks… haha)

We’d pose 1 and set the timer and run to get ourselves in the photo too 🙂

Eventually We got a remote.

See, cropping would have been better here… get rid of that nasty tree in the background… but then you lose the falls… sigh!

We had photos like this…

And photos like this.

Photos like this….

And photos like this.

There were walking photos… (and the train tracks are back)

And standing photos.

Sitting photos….

And up-close photos.

Random photos

And Group photos

Kissing photos

And sheer chance photos (the 10 second time was set and yes the marry-go-round was spinning)

We took so many photos and we laughed and had a fun time! Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring you the most joy. Apparently having fun and doing photo shoots is what brought us lots of fun times last fall!

Peace, Love & Good times

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  1. That's so weird!! I was just telling D last week that I want to take a photo class! (But erm, I need the $800 camera 1st :()

    Oh & the one of you & T-bug with the green flatbeds? That's a great pic!!

  2. GREAT photography display!!!

    I have taken several portraits classes and posing is one of the most difficult things to master. We had models come in for all the classes and we had to instruct them on how to pose. UGH! In the beginning we all struggled. 🙁

    One thing that sticks out in my mind is to watch out for fingers by the face. I had two instructors say that if not done right the subjects fingers will look like sausages.

    Another thing is what to do with arms. I like how you've done many of these. They look really natural.

    This post just reminded me that I wanted to post on my blog the pictures from my last senior portrait shoot. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

    Stef at

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