4 Tips for Pineapple Selection

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of finding the best pineapple in the store? Never fear! About 6 years ago Mark and I went to Hawaii on our 1 year marriage anniversary. One of our trips was to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. We got to see where they grew pineapples, we watched them cut up a pineapple, plus the lady even gave us tips that I’d like to share with you today. Don’t worry, I know it was 6 years ago, but I take notes. Must be that studious part of me… Feel sorry for me or jump for joy that I can still share information with you… your choice!


Decorator Icing – Large 7 cup batch

Over the weekend we decided to have a cake decorating day. Back in 2008 (or maybe 2007… I don’t remember) I didn’t have much better to do and really wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. It’s ironic because I’m not a huge icing fan… I prefer the cake without icing… Go figure.

So they wanted to put my knowledge to work over the weekend and I was willing to oblige. Kristi’s dad was having an 80th birthday celebration the next day so we decided to decorate a cake for him. Tracy has a 1st birthday cake in a few days, weeks, months… she never really told me that she’ll be doing. Deb wanted to learn too, so it was the perfect opportunity to mess up someone else’s kitchen because why mess up your own kitchen. Just saying 😜.

So when you make up icing, or this particular icing anyway, it starts out as thick icing. Then you thin it out with either water or milk to the consistency you want. Typically you add a tbsp of your liquid at a time until you get the desired consistency. There are really 3 types of consistencies that you look for in cake decorating, thick, medium, and thin and each has their place in the course of decorating a cake.

One thing to consider, thick icing requires the most strength to push out of the bag and you’re more likely to blow the tip out of the end of the bag. Just something to note. In my opinion the two hardest things to learn about cake decorating is how to get a smooth finish on your cake and learning the correct consistencies.


No Bake Cookies

The other day my friend Jared asked if I knew how to make No Bake Cookies. That’s another one of those easy things that I’ve never really tried. That might be a partial lie… I tried one time but I was like 20… now I’m 33 (I think, I can’t ever remember my age, just my birthday).

A while back a girl I went to high school with posted pictures of No Bakes on Facebook and someone asked for the recipe. She said they were extremely easy and shared her recipe which I quickly snatched up. Then I forgot where I put it.

When Jared asked, I went on the hunt for that recipe. After about 10 minutes of searching my laptop and external drive (which won’t open now but that’s another story for another day) I finally found the recipe so I went into the kitchen and made some. Oh boy am I glad I did! They are awesome!!

I grabbed a pan and went to town. Now at the time I was at Deb and Grady’s and they drink 1% milk so that’s what I used. Let me tell you, you couldn’t tell a difference, they were that good!


Roll-Out Sugar Cookie Tips/Tricks

Hello, happy Foodie Friday. I mentioned last week that my daughter’s birthday was in June and we did a Minnie Mouse theme. I made cake as well as cupcakes and cookies. The cupcakes and cookies were for one birthday party (at the lake, cupcakes make for easy transport and distribution) and the cake was for her other birthday party (with family at home).

I took cake decorating classes, but we never really worked with cookies. I had to do a little research on how to decorate cookies and I want to share some tips and tricks that I learned, plus my favorite recipe for making sugar cookies for decorating. I have a whole other favorite sugar cookie recipe if you aren’t decorating with icing!


12 Tips to Baking Great Cakes

I wrote this blogpost a month ago for a guest blogpost on a website. They didn’t use it, they didn’t tell me they weren’t going to… so I’m posting it here since I did spend quite a bit of time writing it :). Hopefully you enjoy and maybe find a little useful information to boot!



My daughter is huge in to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now, especially Minnie Mouse. Back in June for her 2nd birthday we decided to have a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. I took cake decorating classes back in 2008 because I had nothing better to do with my time, so I learned all the techniques on decorating cakes. I might be a little rusty these days, but I still have all that arsenal in my back pocket to come in handy one of these days. Now I’m going to share some tips with you on how to decorate your own cake to look professional.
For my daughter’s birthday I decided we were going to have Minnie Mouse Cupcakes, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cookies, and then on her actual birthday a cake. Yes, she got two parties. Sometimes it happens.
So my tips on making the Cake… from get this… a box mix. Shhh don’t tell anyone!


10 Fall Cleaning Ideas

Today is the first day of Fall. Does anyone think this year went by in a whirlwind? Wow! I can’t believe it but before we know, it’ll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Winter which means Christmas. Let’s throw in a couple birthdays in that mix and a couple anniversaries and Bam, the year will come to New Years Eve and an end. We’ll be at 2017. Wow!

And this has been quite the interesting year for my family and me. But let’s not focus on that today. Instead, I’d like to offer up 10 Fall Cleaning Ideas to help make your transition into the Fall Season a little easier!

1. I hear winter is going to be tough this year, so you might want to Tighten/Secure the hatches! Make sure to look for gaps or seals in and around your doors and windows as well as just make sure you don’t have any gaps in your foundation, etc. If you do, use some caulk or weatherstripping to fix or else call a professional to come make sure your house is in tip top shape!


20 Photography Blog Post Ideas

1. A day in the life post – These are always fun because it allows people to get a feel for your day.

2. What’s in your Camera Bag – Sometimes this is helpful for other people. It allows them to get ideas for their own bag, especially if they are newer to photography.

3. What camera you use – I always love these. It allows me to see what other people use and I’m nosey like that. I devour camera reviews.

4. Speaking of Camera bag – What camera bag do you have and what features do you like?

5. Start a 365 project – It is time consuming but oh so worth it. I’m about to wrap up my second year of doing this. Yup, 2 years now. I think I’m going for a 3rd, but changing it up a bit. Either focusing solely on photos from my dSLR or maybe Black and White Photos. I haven’t decided yet.

6. Show some behind the scenes in setting up a picture – Not everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot.