Putting it all Together…

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I have spent a lot of time trying to get this put together… in fact like 4 or 5 months. haha. No seriously, on Monday I tried so hard to get to this point and couldn’t get there. Yesterday I had time so I came to grandma’s house and made sure I got this put together. It took a bit because it required those 167 squares… most of which I didn’t actually do. I just put strips in there and called it good because I got tired of cutting/sewing squares. If I would have had some help, maybe I would have taken more time to do all the 167 squares.

Okay… so after seeing this piece and that piece put with this piece and that piece, are you ready to see the finished product? What do you think? I’m not totally sure I know….. Now comes coming up with the backing and the batting and actually getting it quilted. I’m not sure if Grandma will quilt it or if I’ll machine quilt it or exactly how it will be finished. I guess there might be another post on that :). Are you waiting on the edge of your seat?

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