Slug Bug

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Memorial Day weekend of this year my friend’s daughter Moo taught Tbug the slug bug game.

y’all remember the slug bug game right?  Where you see a Volkswagon Beetle and you yell the color and slug bug and slug the person sitting next to you while saying No slugs back!!

Well Moo and T (her brother) can’t slug anyone because T would slug his sister too hard so she taught Tbug just to say it.  Well we allowed Tbug and Moo to slug each other as long as it wasn’t hard.  We also had to add the verify rule because then Tbug wanted to “make them up.”  If no one else saw it, the slugger got slugged back 3 times.

Anyway, jump forward to this time of the year and Tbug spent the day with my dad running errands one day.  I guess they were driving along and out of nowhere she yells “{insert color} slug bug no slugs back” and supposedly slugs him.  How hard, I’m not sure because I wasn’t there… but still to listen to my dad talk about it is hilarious.  Just had to share and give your kiddo’s ideas :).  Spreading the wealth, ya know!

Happy Thursday!!

6 thoughts on “Slug Bug

  1. Haha! That is too funny! My oldest boy gets me all the dang time, and usually out of nowhere so it startles the heck out of me. Dang that game.

  2. lol, we used to do slug bug, and my brother would always hit me way too hard!
    My husband has a really inappropriate version of the game, and does it for bugs, and also for out of state license plates. He honks my boobs! Lol!!

  3. I know this game you speak of but here we call it Punch Buggy and my family adores it we play all the time except we don't punch we just call out the color

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