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Do you remember being a little kid and eating fruity Popsicles?

They were great, weren’t they?


Well with summer coming upon us, we were at the store a few weekends ago and found the little kits to make your own Popsicles. You know the ones where you add your juice, stick the lid on (ie the handle), and freeze. Then when they are frozen you have popsicles.

Hubby really likes Cherry, black cherry, etc so we bought some Black Cherry Koolaid. Mixed it up as package directions said and viola, you have the juice.

Now that the juice is ready, pour into the cups.

This is your cap/stick.

Place the lid on and freeze. I promise his hands are clean, but you know guys, their fingers seem to always get stained!

Once they are frozen……

Now it’s time to enjoy them!

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