Faux Monday

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I had a completely different post in mind for this morning, but this was too great not to share… I think…

Just call me the crazy lady after this post I think!

So at 4ish am this morning my little dog (the Cocker) is barking her head off.  I finally decided I needed to get up and at least make sure she or the Lab hadn’t fallen in the pool and were trying to get our attention.  Nope.  So I went back to sleep.

Well tried anyway.  About 5 minutes later I got up to yell at her and tell her to quit barking but hubs beat me to it.  She quit for all of about 5 minutes and then started up again.  So he got up, went outside to see what was going on.

When he came back in he said it was sprinkling.  Yey!  (side note sorry) and I said I thought it had been thundering.  He said, no the Lab has been running across our roof.  (Now remember, my house is a Berm house so it’s surrounded by ground on 3 sides and it’s only about 2 feet from the ground to my roof.)  So he yelled at them for that and we proceeded to go back to bed.

Nope, the Cocker starts friggin barking again.  But eventually I must have been tired enough because I fell back asleep.

Hubby got up and left early this morning because he had a dentist appointment so when he went to leave our Cocker ran him back into the woods where we have an old pickup parked like there was something out there.  When he went to investigate she ran tail between her legs all the way back to the house like she was scared of him or something.  Don’t know if that is involved with any of this story or not….  but it’s weird it happened today!

So as a side funny, my alarm goes off at 6:35 and I must have been dreaming because about the time the alarm went off in my dream I slapped myself in my face.  Weird I know.

So I’m up, getting dressed and I hear this thump thump thump thump thump starting from the far end of my house to right above my head.  I realize its the dogs running across the roof again.  btw, they’ve never done this before that I know of!  So we have a door in our bedroom so I go running out of it.  Now please remember I’m getting dressed so at this point… well I might have been naked…..  I live in the country and have a privacy fence for all but about 6 feet outside my door.  Anyway I go running outside yelling at them.

They looked at me like geez lady, take a chill pill.  So I went back in the house to finish getting dressed.  About 5-10 minutes later I hear the thump thump thump thump thump starting from the far end of my house to right above my head again.  By this time I might have been swearing just a bit.  I go running out the door again, this time, bra & panties with my dress in my hand trying to get it over my head.  I proceed to yell at them again.  This time they ran from me.

So I went back in the house to finish getting ready.  I had enough time to put on what was left of my make-up, turn the tv off, brush my teeth, call hubby and tell him about this ruckus, find my shoes and grab my cell phone.  Hubby told me to put them in the crate if I could.  So I go walking down the hallway and realize they are walking around on the roof of the house.

I kicked my heels off and took off running out the front door as quietly and as quickly as I could so I could catch them in the act.  I just about ran out into the front yard (where they generally do their business…. buttheads 20 acres and they choose that patch) so I ran back in, grabbed my flip flops and tore off outside again.

Sure enough they were on the friggin roof.  I took off one of my shoes and threw it at them which caused them to go up and over the top to the back side.  So I tore off across the patio toward my bedroom and jumped on the roof, one shoe on, one shoe off and in a dress (yeah I was cute) yelling at them to get off the friggin roof.

Have you ever run across a roof barefooted?  It doesn’t feel so good.  Just saying.

Anyway they tore off the far end and turned around and looked at me with front paws on the guttering, so I took my other shoe off and threw that at them.  They got down then.  I decided I’d leave my shoe on the roof and let hubby get it but, but then decided that well, if I can’t get them in the crate they’ll eat my shoe so I ran back across the roof, grabbed my shoe and jumped off the roof and ran around the back side of the house barefooted.  {Not a brilliant idea because these dumb dogs tore our Christmas lights off last year and who knows if there is broken glass :(.}  So I take off running and screaming at them and they hightailed it to the front of the house.  I ran across the gravel barefooted, grabbed them and put them in their crate.

So here we are, my dogs are in trouble, my throat hurts from screaming and my feet are aching b/c of the roof.  Oy, it might as well be a Monday!

9 thoughts on “Faux Monday

  1. I was waiting for you to say that someone was outside and saw you in your skivvies. Why were your dogs going crazy? Something must have had them going. Silly dogs!

  2. a dog on the roof is better than a cow!Some book I read the girl had to go up on the roof and get the cow down… can't even remember the name.

  3. Oh those stinkers! Okay…so from now on running shoes at bedside, along with easy to get into day clothes. Either that, or it's hubbies turn next time!! Yeah that sounds much better. 🙂

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