Happy Birthday Daddy!

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My daddy falls into this category! His birthday was yesterday (October 9th). Sadly, we were busy with the underwater pumpkin carving that we celebrated on Saturday night. He said it was okay but it kind of bothered me that we did.

My parents got their birthday (joint)/Christmas (joint) present a week earlier. I don’t think I’ll reveal what that is just yet since my mom’s birthday isn’t until December and then of course there’s Christmas… haha. I mean they already know but… My mom’s birthday gets overlooked a lot anyway because of Christmas and our trip to Ft. Worth each year, so maybe I’ll reveal their present there… what do you say? December 5th. Mark it on your calendar because I know you’re dying to know… lol.

When we got back from the lake my dad was just walking in from chores. He said that he was headed down to grandma’s house to get his birthday cake so we hopped in the truck and went with him. Grandma made him light his own candles plus cut his own cake. Only fitting, right :).

And I’ll leave you on the note of a birthday card that my uncle gave my dad…..

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