365 – February – Photos 154-182 – Take 2

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I’m a few days late in posting this… I just never found the time until now. And really some days I think I blog just for me, but that’s okay! I like it 🙂

154/365 – it didn’t take any convincing for nap time…

155/365 – Putting the finishing touches on my paper that is due at 11:59pm. Wish me luck!

156/365 – Doesn’t everyone need a giraffe on a stick?

157/365 – This says everything!

158/365 – Happy My Grandma’s Birthday to you. My grandma passed away in 2007 from Cancer but her memory still lives on. Every year we eat at Red Lobster in her honor!

159/365 – We created a monster… but that’s okay. All we heard was ride, ride, ride, ride, so Tori and I obliged!

160/365 – I call this “the liars table” haha

161/365 – If you can’t ride horses because it’s cold, why not play horses!

162/365 – Enjoying a little swim time on this cold February evening! Try it Tuesday! Try SCUBA diving!! (or just swim!!)

163/365 – the way to get the baby to eat is give her her own fork. Yum, steak!

164/365 – Yes, it is as heavy as it looks…

165/365 – Flowers for wife…. Homemade Red Velvet Oreos for husband. Happy blingaversary

166/365 – Dinner with my favorite people! Dad, Mom, Husband, Tbug and Abug

167/365 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

168/365 – making roasted garlic for garlic mashed potatoes!!

169/365 – All work and no play…

170/365 – A Buddha Gouda burger… Yum but it was spicy!

171/365 – Hubby, Karen, Jared, and myself having Pepperoni pizza thinking about Grady

172/365 – Just chillin!

173/365 – Little Pi and Pi watching what the crazy humans were doing on the other side of the fence. These 2 crazy mares are full blood sisters, 1 year apart

174/365 – Helping fold envelopes for the Trails for Kids ride in April!

175/365 – I absolutely love stuffed Jalapeño peppers… this was stuffed with chicken and jalapeño cheese wrapped in Monterey jack and deep fried. Maybe not the healthiest but it was sure tasty!

176/365 – Conducting a camera experiment and usuing a jar of candied jalapeños… priceless

177/365 – I got my FFA Boots! Did you?!?! Happy FFA Week!!

178/365 – Driving home from school I actually made it to happy hour 😁. No those aren’t all for me…. sheesh 😳haha oh… And my total was $3.23. I gave the guy $3.25. When he handed me back my change he said here’s my 2 cents…. Nice

179/365 – Hi Stef… Where am I

180/365 – Grandpa and his girls discussing the hot topics of the world

181/365 – Something Beautiful is on the horizon

182/366 – Today actually turns this post int a Project 366…. something to think about. It was a rough day… but we survived! And ended on a delicious note!

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