Ol’ South Pancake House and a funny story

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I’m learning quickly that having a toddler around creates for some interesting stories… case in point…

Last Friday morning when we woke up, my dad asked if we wanted to go eat breakfast. So it came down to Ol’South or IHOP. We chose Ol’South. Mom got her German Pancake, dad and Tbug got Pancakes and bacon and I have no clue what hubby got. Abug got 5 silver dollar pancakes. I wasn’t hungry. So I was cutting up bites of pancakes for Abug to feed herself because that’s really the only way she’ll eat these days. She grabbed the fork just right and pancake went flying across the restaurant. It was kind of like Pretty Woman when she sent the fish thing flying and she said slippery little suckers and the guy said, happens all the time.

Sunday we met up with my aunt who lives in the area and one of her friends. Those 2 plus dad got pancakes with bacon. Mom went for the German pancake again. Abug ate my pancakes that came with my omelet and hubby and Tbug got omelets with pancakes as well.

My omelet was eggs, Monterey Jack cheese, chicken and peppers. It was good, I think hubby’s was better.

Hubby and Tbug got the country omelet. It had ham and bacon and mushrooms and onions and cheese and I don’t know what all but it was fabulous!

Words to the wise… beware of flying pancakes. Later that day we had flying enchiladas… woops.

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