Happy (belated) My Grandma's Birthday to You

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Yesterday, February 5th would have been my grandma’s birthday. She would have been 82 I think. Dang that doesn’t even seem right to me. But I do talk about her in past tense because she passed away on September 11, 2007 after fighting cancer. Sadly that means that my dear sweet husband never got to meet her and she never got to meet him. I know she’d have absolutely LOVED him and vise versa. So in 2010 hubby and I started a tradition… on her birthday we go eat dinner at Red Lobster, which was one of her favorite places. So last night we met up with my parents and went and ate dinner then Baby girl went home with my parents and hubby and I went to the hospital.

Don’t worry, this trip to the hospital was a good thing… Remember I said just a week ago, next up, the baby… yup, my sister-in-law had her baby. It was time to go meet the new baby.

Proud new daddy.

Dang she was a light weight… ha! seeing as though Abug weighs in around 16+lbs now and she was born weighing 6lb 9oz. She was 18″ long and had a head of dark hair. Now you know my SIL and my war against purple (I like it she doesn’t…) so they were supprised that Ebug had a head of dark hair. Liss was wondering where it came from. Wes’ hair is darker. So I asked Liss if she even knew what her natural hair color was and she was like, purple :). Score! And don’t worry, before I left I told her she was old. (btw, I worked it into this post as well! score! Another war we have for some reason). Welcome to the world sweet baby girl.

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