Blogging on a Monday

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Have I completely lost my mind? I’m actually blogging on a Monday. Is the world about to end? Please don’t answer that… you might scare me!

But on a positive note… I’m alive and kicking. That’s good, right? So I’m kind of at a loss for what to blog about. Last week was a very trying week… but don’t worry, Peanut didn’t add to that really and Hubby and my relationship is doing just fine… it was just a trying week that ended with a really hot day in the hayfield yesterday. I’m still on weight restrictions from the doctor for another like 4 weeks so I was the driver but still, I was in the 90+ degree heat with them. And along with the weight restriction, no pool/hot tub so I came home and jumped in a nice shower while everyone else enjoyed our pool :). No grudges though… I think… ha!

Today was the first day hubby has been back at work. He saved up vacation so that he would be able to take 2 weeks off to spend with baby girl and me. I should mention that he spent most of that in the hayfield… either that or putting machinery back together after it was broken. In the last month (or less) we’ve had to do a complete engine overhaul on the big tractor, had flat tires (both tractor and truck), broken the hay mower multiple times, broken the baler, caught the baler on fire (twice) and so much more. Oy! This has not been a good hay season, plus throw baby girl being born right in the middle of all of this and you have yourself fun in the sun! Literally!

and all of that wore baby girl out… can you tell?

She seemed to be wide awake at 1 and 4 this morning though. And then she introduced me to this unknown hour of 8am (haha j/k… I think). Now she is napping with her arm over her eyes… she gets her sleeping habits from mommy I’m pretty sure.

So I realized I need to finish our hospital story (I don’t think I have anyway). There’s 4th of July still to talk about. I really could use this time to repaint my toenails. A nap is calling my name. But what I want to do is pick up baby girl and snuggle with her! She’s soooo stinking cute. Why ever did I think I wasn’t a baby person… maybe instead I’m a my baby person? Who knows, we shall see. A friend of mine is pregnant and due later this year… she had her gender reveal party on Saturday night… it’s a girl. Our girls can be best friends.

Oh and the county fair was going on last week. We reminisced about showing and how we want our babies to grow up showing. Hubby never got to show and my friend’s husband and I used to show sheep against each other. The friend showed cattle in another county. But the 4 of us really want the girls to be involved in showing… how fun is that!?!? We shall see!

So peace out. Have a fabulous Monday. Just think, if you’re in some part of the country getting ready to be affected by the Polar Vortex, this should be much nicer than winter, right? I’m ready for some 70 degree weather!

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