The Saturday Post {39}

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This Weeks Posts
Here and Now
Uh Oh… What’s she thinking?!?! Edition II
Mother Nature

Blast from the Past

2013 – Minsky’s Pizza Cafe & Bar – City Market – Kansas City

2012 – Dry Hands
2011 – A Tuesday List – Okay I laughed my head off at a few comments on this post…
2010 – None written on the 8th 🙁 Sad day.

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Pioneer Woman Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Instagram Lately

Week’s Happenings
++We went to a surprise Birthday party for Cass & Pokey
++I actually went to the library to work on a paper. All through HS & my Bachelor’s degree Never had to go to the library for a report. Weird!
++I may have thrown a fit about having to go to the library looking for books….
++My SIL and I had a lot of weird conversations this week
++I had my SIL and her (boyfriend, manfriend, weird to say that at this age…) over for dinner this week.
++Memaw finally had a weekend off and wanted to spend time with Tbug so we made arrangements where they could. Memaw used to have every other weekend off but with a job change, that changed.
++I’m soooo looking to next Friday… It starts Spring Break! These last few weeks have been stressful.
++I have an 8 pg report due next week as well as a paper for Tech Writing and 2 tests. I’m still stressed out.
++On that note I should go work on my report.

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