Valentine's Day 2014

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Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. That was an “interesting” day to say the least….. First off, let me say that if people don’t know my husband and I love each other, well you need to open your eyes :). But I do like the holiday. I know people call it a Hallmark greeting holiday, but whatever… After January I’m ready for a little sprucing up if nothing else 🙂 and that’s just what Valentine’s Day offers :).

So Valentine’s Day morning I woke up and thought I would make pancakes. The night before we’d talked about eating pancakes on Saturday morning but they sounded good so I figured why not. Well I thought I’d make Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes… sadly I either didn’t know or forgot that hubby isn’t crazy about oatmeal. Dang it! Then when I went to make the pancakes, well, I got a little heavy on the pouring and yeah…… look :(.

I wound up scrapping a few batches and still wound up doing that. Oy! Not my morning to make pancakes, that’s for sure!

Hubby got my present for me a few weeks ago. Love them! I’d been wanting a pair of Sperry’s for over a year now but too cheap to buy them and he finally “made” me get a pair :).

Hubby really likes Lucky You for Men body wash but was having difficulty finding it. I went on Amazon one day trying to figure out what I might get him for V-day and stumbled across the body wash so I ordered one in case it wasn’t the right stuff. Score, it was!

I also got him a funny present. I got him an ice scraper both for the car and his truck. Long story!

Hubby then went to work and I went to school. As I was walking to class I noticed Gus (the gorilla) messing the with the motorcycles out in front of the building and there were 2 guys with him. One had an iPhone for pictures and the other had a camera. Then I realized Gus was giving out Valentine’s cards because I received one :). He asked if I would be his Valentine but I told him only if he had his picture taken with me… lol. I cracked up laughing when they said, “Okay now French Kiss.”

When I got out of class I met my parents for lunch at Culvers. Yum! and I didn’t eat my dad’s food this time, double score! Last time we ate there I grabbed the wrong burger :(. #fail!

Then later in the day I met back up with hubby. He was like I have a surprise for you. It was actually a joint Valentine’s Day present for the both of us…. A new (new to us, we bought it off a friend) underwater camera for scuba diving.

He tried to make us reservations but most places that took reservations weren’t for Valentine’s Day weekend. We got to a restaurant about 5:15 and there was already over an hour wait so I told him, let’s just go home. We decided to get Chinese and sweet teas from Sonic so one got one, the other stopped for the other :). When I got home I carried all my stuff into the house and then went to the bathroom. I heard hubby walk in and he wasn’t happy so I went and put my shoes on and went outside to see what happened…. Remember how our dogs like to eat packages? Well he had a small rose bush with a box of chocolates and a small teddy bear sent to the house for me and the puppies ate it. I found the bear in one piece, just covered in mud. I washed it and he’s all better! The rose bush was fine too but the chocolates were ALL GONE. oh well. It was a sad day! We ate dinner and then watched 13 Going On 30.

About halfway through we decided to finish that in bed. While I was waiting for him to come in the room, I checked my email and saw one from the school threatening to drop me from a class because they thought I was an undergraduate taking a graduate level course. I just about panicked and freaked out. I just said, well that’s the icing on the cake for the day… lol.

It wasn’t a bad day, just another day.

Saturday we decided to do a Take 2. We got up Saturday morning and made reservations at Zio’s for dinner. Hubby went to help my dad haul hay during the day and I sat around the house waiting for Memaw to bring Tbug to our house. Turns out hubby got her at Memaw’s so I jumped in the car and headed over to pick hubby up. Dad didn’t have luck with the hay trailer because we wound up blowing a tire on it. We got him fixed up and home, got hubby home and showered and off to Springfield we went.

Zio’s was good!

From there we went to Target and Babies-R-Us just to look around and wound up getting Peanut a monkey. Tbug strapped the Monkey in and let him share her sweet tea, lol.

Then we headed for home. I guess I was a bit sad that Valentine’s Day wasn’t “perfect” but you know what, it was perfect. It was our kind of perfect! That’s all that matters :).

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