The Saturday Post {18}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1.  Stuffed Jalapeno (with cream cheese, cheddar & bacon) Stuffed Chicken Breasts

2. Metropolis – Weekend in a Nutshell

3. Things I’ve Learned…… School Edition

4. Here Kitty Kitty

5. Cows gotta eat too

This Weeks Posts
Here Kitty Kitty – Hey, we got a cat 🙂
Things I learned…… School Edition – You’d be surprised!
Cows Gotta Eat Too
Snoring Cats, App Notifications & Happy Dogs – oh my?

Blast from the Past
2012 – Crazy Dreams – Weird things I was dreaming before I had to present at work.  Crazy.
2011 – Eureka Springs {AR} in Pictures – Ah, I remember this.  Crazy to think it was 2 years ago!
2010 – Meet Audrey – This is when our first baby came into our life!

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
I spent a lot of time in the field this week. We’d get home late and everything else so sadly, not much at all was made at my house.

Instagram Lately

1. Read that… Do not apply directly to eye…. uh….
2. Rio doesn’t like to share, can you tell?  LOL

Week’s Happenings
++16th Annual under water pumpkin carving at Stockton Lake!!
++I entered a photo contest. You should check it out and vote for me. Like Blake Shelton says, sure be cool if you did. But more honestly, vote for the photo you think should win {hint hint… mine… lol} Click on Upload, View, Vote to be able to vote.
++We finally finished the blood bath that is Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare.
++My daddy had a birthday on Wednesday.
++My friend Waldy had a birthday on Thursday!
++Hubby and I got more hay mowed. It was quite the debacle between raking hay in the moonlight to putting a new hole in my behind (ouch!) to clogging up the baler every time I went to moving. It was interesting but we finally got the hay baled on Friday night before the rain hit! 56 bales. Woohooo! Cows can eat this winter! 🙂
++I got one of my papers written and turned in for my Intro to Writing Lit Class. It’s over the poem, “The Cow” by Andrew Hudgens.
++We had fall break Thursday and Friday of this week.

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