Landry’s Seafood – Branson, MO

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While we were in Branson, hubby kept saying he’d like to eat at Landry’s.  Landry’s is a Seafood restaurant so he never pushes it too much since I’m not huge on Seafood but I can always find something to eat pretty much at any restaurant so on Friday when he asked where we’d like to eat lunch before we headed home I told him Landry’s.

Tbug agreed so it was settled.  And I loved their Open sign.  Very fitting for a Seafood restaurant.

Being the lunch hour, we received the lunch menu.  As with any seafood restaurant, they had quite the selection but they also had things for people like me who don’t like seafood as well.  See I knew I’d be able to find something.

Tbug is still of Kid’s Menu age, however I’ve created a monster.  One thing about me telling Tbug to try everything at least 12 times before she can tell me she doesn’t like it, she has an extreme palate when it comes to food.  She originally told me she wanted a Cheese Pizza and I teased her about coming to a seafood restaurant and getting a Cheese Pizza.  She asked if she could look at the adults menu and we told her yes.

Tbug wanted sweet tea (so did we).

They brought around this garlic bread that was yummy.  I must admit that I didn’t realize it had pre-cut marks to help you out and so I cut them funny at first.  I’m slow sometimes… lol 🙂

The salad came with all of our meals and came family style topped with the house vinaigrette.  Tbug asked for hers dry so the salad dressing came on the side for hubby and me.  For being a “ranch only” girl, this salad dressing was GREAT.  I guess I can’t claim to be a Ranch Only Girl anymore.

So when Tbug asked if she could choose off the adult menu, this is what she choose, The Chicken and Mushrooms.  The mushrooms were in a Marsala sauce.  It was served with a side of vegetables and Rice Pilaf.  We asked to sub in French fries instead of the rice and she wound up with both.  She absolutely LOVED the Chicken and ate the whole thing.

Hubby went with the Fried Seafood Platter which had an assorted arrangement of fried shrimp, stuffed shrimp, oysters and fish served with French fries and onion rings.  I tried a few bites of his shrimp (since that’s one thing I will eat every now and again), Very tasty.  He loved it all but I think his fave was the stuffed shrimp.

I went for Landry’s Fettuccine which was served with your choice of Chicken or Shrimp.  Like I said, I’ll eat Shrimp every now and again and I decided that since I was at a seafood restaurant I’d give it a chance.  I’m sooooooo glad I did.  You have no idea how unbelievably yummy this was.  Good choice on my part and I’d definitely do it again.  The best part, the shrimp was great but didn’t taste too seafoodish.  (Is that a word?)

As we entered and again as we left, we saw the dessert tray.  I must tell you they looked delectable but we were so full by the time we left there was no room to try them.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back!

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