Big R’s Bar-B-Q – Joplin, MO

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Tbug wasn’t going to be able to share Mother’s Day with my mom, so the last weekend she was over we decided to go out to dinner for Mother’s Day.  When dad asked what we all wanted, somewhere Tbug said she wanted ribs so dad decided we’d go to Big R’s Bar-B-Q for Grandma’s Mother’s Day Dinner.

The last time Hubby and I ate here was in February of 2010 just after we got engaged.  We came here for a Dinner Club (which no longer happens).

They start you off with yummy rolls, butter and apple butter.

We all ordered sweet tea except for mom.  Mom always gets the unleaded.  You have to have one odd ball in the bunch, right?

Part of their decor had a man in a boat on the ceiling.  It really bugged Tbug.  She thought he was creepy.

I got a salad with ranch dressing as one of my side dishes.  It had lettuce, black olives, onions, tomatoes and croutons.  It was good.

Tbug got tired of coloring on her kids menu so I colored the cow.  I didn’t have much in the choice of crayon color so we got a Pink cow with purple spots.

Tbug got the 3 rib platter and the Mom and Dad and Hubby and I got the Ribs for 2.  That way if Tbug needed/wanted more ribs, there would be more than plenty between the 4 of us she could have more.

Then Dad and hubby got the baked beans as one of their sides.  I got Potato & bacon cheese soup.  Mom got a Salad with Blue cheese dressing and steamed veggies.  Tbug went with a baked potato.  Then dad, hubby and Tbug went with the yummy suzie q’s.  All the sides were delicious.

I got tickled at the sign as we left.  Makes you want to keep an eye on your kiddo, huh?

And of course there was a dessert counter on the way out as well, but we were all sooooo stuffed that there was no room for desserts.

Happy Mother’s Day

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