The PBR in Springfield

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A week ago Saturday the family loaded up and headed to Springfield to watch the PBR.  Yes, I’m a bit behind… things happen and at least I’m sharing these fabulous photos with you, right?  I only had 1,208 photos to weed through :).

Burnt Toast from Branson, MO was the opening act
Flint Rasmussen is the head PBR Entertainer
Then they had opening ceremonies.
They lit the arena on fire, there were fireworks and they introduced the riders.
And then the Top 5 bullriders were introduced.
Your Bullfighters
You know, those guys who keep the riders safe!

It looks like the bull is frolicking 🙂

Doesn’t it look like he’s holding the bulls head?
And not every dismount is graceful, unfortunately.
I swear this bull looks like a statue.
He was invited to dance up there with Flint if he rode for 8 seconds…
what do you think happened?

This gal lost about 86lbs (give or take, I can’t quite remember) just so she’d win the fan of the night award so she could wear her belt buckle.

This was such a fabulous night.  I love watching on TV, but nothing beats live!  Now I’m ready to head to Las Vegas to watch the PBR finals!  Hey dad, are you ready?!?!  Hubby and I sure are 😉

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  1. Very cool pics! I've never seen anything like this (except for a few episodes of FNL when Tyra dates a bull rider, lol) – awesome that you get to experience it!!

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