Land Shark

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The other day I came out to my car, got in, turned the key on, put it in reverse, drive started to pull out of the parking lot and noticed a note on my windshield wiper.  I threw it in park real fast, jumped out, grabbed the note and this is what it said.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit confused about that…  But I soon realized maybe they were referring to my Satellite antenna?

Still, not going to lie, this baffles me…..

Go me… I guess…. Have you ever had a weird note like that?

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13 thoughts on “Land Shark

  1. maybe they think your car looks like a shark? who knows. It was probably a dare to leave a note on a car by some silly kids. I guess i'd be glad it wasn't dissing my driving skills or parking 🙂

  2. That's definitely odd and confusing!

    I once had a note on my windshield, right in my driveway…really weird, full of vulgar language and a phone number , and it said “call me”. That's the crappy part about living in a small town not far from the local bar, I guess…late night wanderers who think they're funny! :s

  3. I doubt whoever left the note knows what a land shark is.
    A land shark refers to classic cars that were very heavy. Like Cadillacs, Buick Roadmasters, etc.

    I don't think you have one of those. ;o)

  4. I once had someone steal the antenna off my car when I worked at a retail store. It was frustrating! But no, no random notes. If you discover what a land shark is, you'll let us know, yah?

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