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Tuesday evening, we did this:

And when we pulled into our driveway, it sparked the attention of these guys:

(aka, pregnant momma, Ma, & Blondie)
After the hay was in the barn, we headed home, pooped!

***Enter in Sawing Logs (aka zzzzz’s, snoozing, sleeping, dreaming)***

Now, very seldom is the telephone ringing at 6am a Good thing.

Or so it seems anyway…

Some days it IS a good thing.

Especially in the case of yesterday morning at 6am.

So let’s play this out a bit…

6 am – Husband’s alarm goes off.
6:01am – Husband reaches to turn alarm off.
6:05ish am – Telephone rings.
6:05:01ish am – Wife is tangled up in the sheet/comforter and trying to get out of bed
6:05:01 1/2ish am – Husband jumps out of bed to find the telephone.

**Phone gets found**
by Husband! Wife is still trying to figure out how to get out of the sheet entanglement (lol)

Wife rolls back over and tries to go back to sleep… although in the back of her (my) head knew she (I) shouldn’t, not just yet.

But this is what my dad walked out to when he went to feed critters yesterday morning.

That’s pregnant momma with baby!  aka no longer pregnant!

Our New Mare had a colt by her side.  A Palomino baby at that!!

At this point no one knew if it was a Stud colt (male) or a filly (female)

So my mom I guess got dressed and went to help my dad get the mare and baby into a pen, but 2 of the other mares she was running with weren’t being of much help.  So momma mare kicked at the other 2 and grazed my mom’s hip.  I guess she has a fairly decent sized bruise now :(.

Anyway they got the mare and baby separated off.  My mom is happy that the Momma Mare is so protective of her baby :).

So back at our house, Hubby comes running into the bedroom, grabs his clothes, his camera, kisses me and is out the door to my parents house.  I on the other hand figured if he was going to get pictures, my bed was calling my name (even though I really needed to get up as well).

Just before I left for work, I got not 1 but 2 text messages saying the baby is a Palomino Filly.

Then I came to work to these photos from hubby.

Of course it was raining, but I don’t think any of us complained about that.  (that’s just a side  note).

So when I was leaving the house, I grabbed clothes that weren’t work clothes so that I could go out after work to see the new baby.  She is an absolute doll!!!

Anyway, back at work, I get my first email from my dad:

Dad: 7/13/11 8:18AM: I am the first person to touch her!!!!!!  Nanner, Nanner, Nanner!!!!
Me: 7/13/11 8:19AM: I was the first to touch Squirty 🙂 =P (that is my dad’s baby!)
Dad: 7/13/11 8:19AM: But I was the first to ride her!!!!!

Then later in the day another email floated in:

Dad: 7/13/11 2:11PM: There is a Palomino Filly at my house with 3 white feet up to the knee, one white sock and a full blaze face that is less than 24 hours old.  Jealous yet?
Me 7/13/11 2:11PM: Haha…. She’s out of a mare registered in my name… jealous yet?
Dad: 7/13/11 2:54PM: Your Name????
Me: 7/13/11 2:54PM: Ok fine hubby’s name.

To be honest, I’m not sure who’s name she was registered in….  She’s a partnership for hubby and dad… but I know she’s either in hubby’s name or his and my name… I’m not sure how he did it :).

So anyway after work I went out and got a few more shots of this new cutie!

So now comes the fun of trying to come up with a name… Wish us luck!

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  1. OMG…just after we talked about how hopefully Blondie would have a Palomino baby?!?

    I am so jealous and excited for you all!

    P.S. Your photos made me a little misty eyed. My beautiful Palomino, Pal, had a huge blaze and 3 stockings and 1 sock himself. I bought him when he was 14 and he lived with me until he died at 23. I always wanted to know what he looked like as a baby and now that I've looked at your pictures, I think I know!

    His dam's name was Calamity Jane which I always thought would be a cute name for a Palomino filly 🙂

  2. You give me a shot of farm life. I so appreciate. I can almost smell the hay and the soft nose of the mare. I love colts. They are so awkward and gangly. She's beautiful. I'm so happy for you all and the mama. She did a good job.

  3. So cute! She's so pretty too! Is that what it's called when they have that stripe-y thing on their face? A “blaze”?

    P.S. – My Dad calls me “Nanner” sometimes. LOL

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