I Promise I Didn’t Wash My Car!!!

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See… Proof!

Ok well see it seems like every time I wash my car it rains.  We are in desperate need of rain too… ok maybe not desperate but we need it bad though.

Then we did this last night…

It needed to be done and there was a 40% chance of rain all weekend long so says weather.com

There was also a 40% chance of rain last night, but like I said, I didn’t wash my car…

Now there’s a 40% chance of rain today and only a 30% tomorrow and 20% on Sunday…

And I woke up to this (look at the water… sprinkles)

Here were the skies to the East

Here were the skies to the West.


I guess we’ll see what happens.  It is supposed to be 92 degrees today so maybe, just maybe, the hay will be ready to go… you know, granted no rain.

**these morning photos were taken around 6am.  Now that it is 6:47, it looks a little brighter outside, fingers crossed**

0 thoughts on “I Promise I Didn’t Wash My Car!!!

  1. oh we had rain last night – was up till 3:30 am this morning pumping out sewage from our basement…GROSS

  2. We won't see the rain for months! I was just telling Dylan that we need to wash the car and he said it's fine. The dirt gives it character. Boys…

  3. Like Stacy said…we got our fair share last night! My flooded basement wasn't as bad as hers, but still about 6 inches of water down there! Yikes!!

  4. we've had 3 inches of rain in the last 3 days. 🙁 been wet alllll year here!! visiting from the picture blog hop!

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