I MUST be sick!!!

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Let me state for the record… because I always feel I must… I hate Fish.  I don’t like live ones, dead ones, eating them, fishing for them… NOTHING to do with fish.  The live ones in fish tanks drive me nuts because they won’t hold still… I know most of them can’t… that’s how they survive but still…

To add to that I don’t eat anything that lives in water.  I’ve tried crab, not my fave… lobster, yuck!  Shrimp… well up until lately the answer was YUCK!

But then the Japanese steak house came to our town and the shrimp don’t taste fishy.  The ones that do, I’ll pass off instantly!!  But anyway… Friday night I ate shrimp.  Then I turned around last night and I ate shrimp again.

I’m not pregnant (I’m 99.9% sure), this isn’t something weird like that… But again, the hubs made it so it didn’t taste fishy.

With my 101 list I have to make 64 recipes… you know all of them from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook.  Well one of them was Penne alla Betsy and it contained shrimp.  I wasn’t sure how I would manage but I did.  And it wasn’t bad.

It contains penne pasta, shrimp in a tomato cream sauce.  It’s all good though because I did Zumba before hand.  I ate back all the calories I burned.

Now one of my biggest questions… they say fish is good for your brain… does shrimp count in that?

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  1. mmmm sounds yummy! you know Wade doesnt like fish either and yet he spends most of his time and all of our money trying to catch them? lol

  2. I hate 95% of all seafood. I'll eat shrimp, crab & lobster (you have to try it on one of the coasts where it's freshest & hasn't been frozen) oh & I'll eat tuna salad, but not as a filet – go figure. But that looks awesome and yes, hibachi shrimp rules!! Friends of ours work at a local hibachi joint & we go there all the time and always get the shrimp. See if they'll sell you the sauce. Our place sells a big soup-size container of it for like $3 & we use it at home. 🙂

  3. Looks like a yummy meal. Shellfish shouldn't taste “fishy” if it smells a litle fishy soak it salt water, a lot fishy ,chuck it

  4. LOL, I love fish and yes even fishy fish. Fried catfish is my favorite. Shrimp is sooo yummy! Who knows, maybe your taste buds are just evolving and all these new recipes you are trying are helping I'm sure!

  5. I've lived on both the east and west coasts. The seafood smells differently on each coast, too. Atlantic seafood has more iodine taste and smell. Pacific doesn't. Growing up in the midwest I totally agree… fish smells fishy… even fresh water fish.

    Here, I won't buy *any* seafood that smells fishy… it's NOT FRESH.

    If you ever come for a visit, I will fix your FRESH seafood, as in not caught, cleaned, packed on ice and shipped half-way across the country seafood… if you don't like it you won't have to eat it… that's the “house rule”… but trust me… when you have had FRESH seafood you will change your mind.

    FROZEN seafood can taste fishy … depends on kind and how quickly it was frozen.

    I have bought fresh albacore from a fisherman who vacuumed sealed it as soon as it had it on the boat and cleaned it… I got it from him the next day and I opened it with no smell and then cut into portions and froze it. When I defrosted in fridge and opened it… no fishy smell… cooked it and it was just like it had been caught.

    FRESH Oregon shrimp is SOOOOOOOOOOO good! Even I, who is allergic to almost all “sea” food… can it it in moderation and LOVE IT!

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

    P.S. Oh yeah… Prince Charming can have some, too! (that is unless you leave him at home). 😉

  6. I've never been one for seafood, but I've recently loved Tilapia. It's so easy to cook and it doesn't taste fishy at all. I cannot do shrimp though! It's a texture thing.

  7. I love sea-food so it bodes well for me that you are coming around!! XD

    Soon I will break out the cedar planks and smoke you some salmon and you can try that!!! 😉

    I bet you'll like it!

    Love you!!!!

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