What do I have????

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My {step}daughter comes to see us tonight…

You remember her, right?

btw, in case I haven’t told you, she talks, A LOT! :)… My dad claims it is paybacks to me for what he and my mom had to deal with when I was her age.

Anyway… So what do you think my daughter might see when she goes to my parents house?

Horses?  Yup
Cows? Uh huh

Buffalo? You Betcha

Sheep? Of course

Dogs? That’s a given!

But here is the newest addition that she hasn’t seen yet…..

Moses, the Bottle Lamb…. she lives in a box in my parents house right now…
Yes this is a ewe (female)… yes her name is Moses.  The first day she was alive, she went to work with my mom.  Mom carried her around in a laundry basket (that’s inside this box).  She remembered the Bible story of how Moses’ mother carried him around in a laundry basket, so therefore, we have Moses.

 And these little guys.  Their momma’s were good momma’s and kept them

And this little dude is getting some breakfast!! (Sorry is this obscene?)

And what about these bad boys?

This momma is being protective.

This one got carried away with the eyeliner.  Her momma didn’t explain not to go overboard.

Think Tbug will have fun??

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  1. Do you call orphan or rejected lambs “bum lambs”? That's what we always called 'em. I've raised a lot of lambs on bottles, but sometimes one doesn't make it. I hope Moses is a survivor. She's sooo cute.

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