Hey Barbie, You won :)

If you remember, a while back I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on my blog.  I did a give-away in response to that as well, but I didn’t want to tell what I was giving away.  I had most of it down, but at the same time waited until I knew the actual winner so that I geared it right for the specific person.  Then I asked our winner, Jill from Hey Barbie to do a guest post, so without further ado, here’s Jill!  (btw if you are looking for a cute blog, be sure to check her out!)

My name is Jill from Hey Barbie, and I am the lucky winner of the 1 year blog-aversary hosted by Nicole at Thats Life.  Ironic enough, this was my first giveaway I’ve ever entered.  I guess you could call it beginners luck.In this day and age, it is quite unusual to give gifts on your birthday.  A first birthday is a huge deal in most cases, and Nicole was so generous to bring her celebration into BlogLand!  To honor her blog turning one year old, she hosted her first giveaway ever!  The giveaway was a complete surprise in more ways than one.  Going in to this giveaway, I knew it was all about surprises.  Who doesn’t like surprises?  The exciting part about it was you didn’t know what you were going to win! That is enough with my introduction, because I know you are all dying to know what the surprise actually was!

I recieved a package at my house on Friday morning.  I tore open the box like a child on their birthday.  To my surprise were three beautiful items.  Nicole really hit the nail on the head with this one.  It made me think, “Wow this girl really reads my blog.”  My mom joined in on the excitement too.  By volunteering to be in my photos she thinks that she will be able to borrow my three lovely items!  They all match so well together, so I know she will insist on wearing them all on the same day!
Item #1:  A beautiful scarf.

This scarf feels so soft, and it is very thick and cozy for the colder months.  It is a blend of purples, off white, and a marble of blue/white/gray.  This is really great, because it matches my coat perfectly!  I wore this scarf over the weekend and recieved numerous compliments on how beautiful it looked.  Most of the women who complimented me also said they were in love with the colors in it.

Item #2:  Multicolored, beaded necklace.

This necklace is a great accessory, because it can be worn with many different colors.  It has shades of blue, black, silver, and some purple.  This necklace will look great with the other accessories, and I will be able to get a lot of wear out of it with many outfits.  I love to mix and match, and this is definitely a great piece to add to my collection!

Item #3:  Rose bud studs.

These earrings are so stylish, and very girly!  They came in a set of three, which includes light silver, dark silver/blue, and purple.  These also look great alone, or paired with the scarf and necklace.  If you are like me, you can wear all 3 sets at once due to having too many ear piercings.

Congrats to Jill!!  And thanks to everyone who participated!


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