1 Year Blog-a-versary & a Present

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Happy 1 Year Blog-a-versary!  Woohoooo I made it to the 1 Year point!
How I did that? Who knows!  But I’m happy I did and I’m so excited I actually hit my 100 followers!  Woohooo!  Go me!
So I’m glad you all followed me through my journeys of starting this blog, getting married, buying/remodeling a house, cooking, and whatever else crazy things I have decided to do along the way!
Here are some crazy reads:

And there’s lots more, just thought I’d give you a few highlights 🙂

And who doesn’t love getting presents?  Well That’s what you are supposed to do on an anniversary or birthday right?  Get presents??  And you can ask for things, but you never quite know what you’re going to get, right??

So that’s what’s going to happen, except instead of me getting the present, one of my lucky readers will receive the present.  How about that?  And nope, not telling you what it is… that would defeat the point of Present!  
So here’s how to win:
*First and foremost you have to be a follower.
*Leave me a comment telling me the best present you’ve ever received
*Blog about this on your blog and leave me a link to it
*And if you have a friend who comes and follows and tells me they came from your blog, I’ll give you another chance to win 🙂
(leave me different comments for each please)
So there’s 4 chances per person to win (or more if more of your friends come over… that’s a point per friend :)).  This will be open until Sunday October 24th at 11:59pm CST.  On Monday I will choose a winner and announce it so get to it!  And nope, no one is sponsoring this gift but me 🙂
Happy Blogaversary 
To me :)!


0 thoughts on “1 Year Blog-a-versary & a Present

  1. The best present I ever got was a gift I received on our wedding day from your father and mother……… YOU!!!!!!

    I love you hunny, Congrats!!!!


  2. The best present I have ever recieved besides my engagement ring…. was a puzzle ring that my husband gave for our second valentines day as husband and wife. This was really special becasue I had told him one night about the history of these rings and what they symbolize. He remembered and bought me one to symbolize his love!!!

  3. Congrats to the newly married lady and blogger extrordinaire! Best present?
    The year I turned 15 my sister and her husband came before Christmas and bought me a bunch of stuff (I remember the details of every little thing). Christmas Eve I dreamt some one broke into the house and stole it all. I was relieved when I ran downstairs and all the pretty presents were still there but slept under the tree the rest of the night. You see, I only ever had one present and card from my grandma with $2 in it, every Christmas before that one.

  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday. I'm a follower. I think my husband and daughter are obvious. The camera I just got has me pretty darn excited but my little game boy is probably my most USED present ever. I've been addidicted to it for years.

  5. Happy Anniversary lady!!! 😀
    I'm a follower and the best gift I've ever received was my ENGAGEMENT RING, but I totally understand if your gift isn't that extravagant. Haha

  6. when I was 9 there was a doll that I really wanted, my parents said they couldn't get it for me, they didn't have the money. I took my Dad to the store so I could just look at it. (We were farmers and went to town on saturday to do all the shopping that needed to be done for farm and home.) The doll was gone, how sad that made me, but come Christmas the doll was under the tree. I still have the doll in my cedar chest and she looks like new and is probably worth much more then she cost new.

  7. Aw!! Happy Blogaversary!! I am so glad that we “met” and read eachothers blogs and have become blogging friends!! I am DEF. a follower! ha ha

  8. You are not alone! I havent been to many peoples blogs lately! I have been SOOOO busy! I just started a new job! So now my hours are crazy and my blogging time is limited!

    but just know I do read.. I just dont always have time to comment!

    of course I am a follower!

  9. Happy Blog-o-versary!! Well, I'm already a follower so that's done. Best gift every, hmmmm, when the husband breaks down and lets me get new animals!

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