Cinnamon Rolls, YUM!!

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I’ve made these Cinnamon Rolls twice now. The first time was in March for our trip to Kentucky during Easter weekend. The second time was October 3rd. One of my mom’s co-workers hadn’t been at work for a while because she had a surgery done and on Monday she was coming back and they were having a goody day in her honor.

When I ask my husband to help with pictures, I wind up with a lot of photos of me… not the close up ones, oh no, I’m in there…

Scalding the milk, vegetable oil and sugar together.

At least he was in the shot with me this time 🙂

Once it is luke warm you add the yeast

Then pour it in the mixer and start adding flour.

Always make sure to scrape down your bowl…

And mix some more 🙂

Once it is all mixed together, place in a warm place with a towel or cling wrap or something over it and let it rise for about an hour.

Once it has about doubled in size (so my grandma tells me) it’s ready to go…

Next you add in baking soda, baking powder, salt and one last cup of flour and mix.

My hand is cute isn’t it 🙂

Then be sure to flour the counter, your hands, your rolling pin, everything!!

And slightly kneed the dough

And then proceed to roll out!

Melt the butter

And pour on the dough. The Pioneer Woman says the gooeyer the better, I’m not completely sure I agree but it is good to be gooey.

Spread it out evenly on the dough.

Now add your sugar

And your cinnamon

Roll up and cut into the “rolls”. Then let rise again.

Once you start to bake them, then it’s time to make the yummy icing. Her recipe calls for coffee in the icing. I don’t like coffee and I love this icing!

Once they are out, ice them!

You can bake them in advance and then put them in the freezer. If you pull them out, let them thaw and then put in a 275 degree oven to re-heat! They are just as good!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!

0 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls, YUM!!

  1. Oh my, that looks delicious! The first thing I eat when I arrive at the airport in America is a Cinnabon bun. I love them!

    Thanks for the recipe and best wishes for a great week,

  2. Thanks for sharing! These look incredible!!! My cousin made these once before and I got to try them- Heaven in a pan! Enjoy them! 🙂

  3. OMG We did almost the same thing today! How incredibly fun. Your pictures match my pictures if I would have taken all of them. Haha!

    You look so happy that he is in the picture with you……….

    I ♥ the towel.

  4. Um. Oh my LORD!! YUMMMMMMMMMM!! That's it. I'm coming down to OK for these rolls. (And to meet you, of course!)

    PS yes your hand is cute, as is your Halloween towel 🙂

  5. I've never been able to make good cinamon rolls. Maybe because no one ever showed me how. That helped ; ) You're such a good kid.

  6. I saw this post on her site & these look sooooooo good!! Now I might have to make them. I've never made cinnamon rolls before at all – I was planning on making them with instant biscuits but you might've convinced me otherwise.

    Oh & I'm with TB – I'm not a country girl, but the John Deere caps as measuring cups are SO stinkin' cute!

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