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Ok sorry for the confusion, this is not a baseball post. This is a Red Bird story post that is near and dear to my heart.

So the year was about 2005, I was home one weekend from college and we were all sleeping peacefully one Sunday morning when all the sudden we hear, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck…. etc. You get the point. Anyway, there was this pesky red bird that was flying into the big circle top window in front of my mom & dad’s house. It was annoying, especially at 6 am when we were all snug as a bug in a rug in our beds. The funny part, this continued every morning for the next 2 weeks at the exact same time of day. We’d go, shew him away but that wouldn’t detour him, he’d wait until we were gone and he’d be right back at it.

So I was at my grandma’s house one day and told her about this pesky red bird and she told me a story. It ended with Redbird’s mate for life. I thought, ok that’s interesting… is he mating with himself (reflection…)? Anyway, I went on about my business. The company that my mom works for, she travels a lot and when she goes she’s gone for usually anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks at a time. So as she’d travel I’d notice the bird would go away and when she’d come home, the bird was back. Well, me being the jokester that I am had to tell my dad so he and I got a good laugh about it on a pretty consistent basis. So one day we let my mom in on the joke and said that the red bird mated with her. If you can imagine, that just thrilled her.

So here we are, 5 years later and the dumb red bird is still coming around. I’m beginning to think my grandma might have been on to something. This bird annoys my mother and the rest of us because, well… he constantly pecks into the windows. We can’t explain it.

So back up to Christmas 2005, I thought it would be funny to give her a red bird Christmas tree ornament that I found. Well of course the red bird made the Christmas tree that year (and every year after, that’s what she gets for making me put up and decorate her tree. If she wants him to go away she should quit asking me to put up her Christmas tree… LOL).

So it has become a tradition to see how to get a red bird in on one of my mom’s Christmas presents ever year. And they have to be different. It is quite challenging but fun. This year she looked at me and said, Don’t get me a redbird this year. Well, I halfway listened… I’ll explain in a minute.

Christmas 2005 (no picture b/c it’s put up) was the Red Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas 2006 I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this cute cowboy hat ornamental birdhouse. Well, I thought it would go great in my mom’s cowboy bathroom and ornery me decided to wire a red bird on the perch. I wrapped it so when she opened the box, that was the first thing she saw. The funniest part, after 4 years the birdhouse is up and the bird is still on it.

Christmas 2007 I was on a mission. This time I found a circle of friends candle holder with a red bird in the group of birds. Yeah, it still sits on the counter……

Christmas 2008: My mom collects these things called Painted Ponies. They are very cool but that’s beside the point. This year Painted Ponies came out with a 4 seasons special edition, one for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Well, when I saw the winter one I started giggling and my mom glared at me. I told her I was buying this one for her for Christmas. So technically she knew about this one, but hey she liked it b/c it was part of the special edition…

Christmas 2009: This year I was told not to get her a red bird. Well, I somewhat listened….. The picture up at the top (the first one) yeah well… for Christmas I thought my mom would like a digital photo frame, I hope you went there b/c yup you guessed it… the picture wound up on the picture frame. So she thought she got away with no redbird until we set up the digital photo frame and Prince Charming made it a point that that was the first picture to show up. We got yelled at… LOL

So this post isn’t finished yet… jump forward (or backward however you want to look at it) to 2 weeks ago. While we were at Horsefest we were walking through looking at all the displays and ran across the wind catchers and I spotted a St. Louis Cardinals one and got my dad & Prince Charming’s attention. Long story short it isn’t Christmas but we bought it. This week my dad got a hanger and this morning Prince Charming hung it up on the Porch (actually where the bird always hangs out. I don’t think my mom has seen it yet because she hasn’t yelled at us, however, I’ll tell you one thing… the bird was mad. I went outside to get this photo and the bird was chirping and flying around like crazy.

(and yes, we still have some Christmas lights up… if Mudflap had his way, they’d be down)

So if you look in the tree, there’s the redbird. He was flying around like crazy and chirping. He’s mad but I don’t think he has pecked at the windows today, just keeps flying past this red bird windcatcher and chirping… tree to tree to tree. It’s hilarious.

I hope you get as good of a laugh about this as we all do, although I’m sure being a part of it like we are helps but I had to share none the less. Especially because we hung up the catcher and my mom hasn’t seen it and the bird is ticked off. I’ll try to keep you updated as to what happens with all of this 🙂 but I bet the catcher will stay up if it keeps the bird from pecking at the window.

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