Marlin’s 61st birthday

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Prince Charming’s dad Marlin had his 61st birthday on Saturday. The sad part about it is, he got to spend it in the hospital. His appendix ruptured on Wednesday or Thursday. He went into the hospital on Wednesday night but Prince Charming and I didn’t find out until Thursday morning. After work, I went to the hospital and sat with Prince Charming and Liss (Mark’s sister) while Marlin went into surgery. Prince Charming’s cousin and his daughter showed up as well. They thought it was one of two things, a Perforated Bowel or appendicitis. I didn’t know about the appendix until I got to the hospital Thursday night. In fact, if Marlin saw I put some of these photos up, he might disown me… LOL so please don’t tell :). So yesterday (Saturday the 9th) was his 61st birthday. Prince Charming, Liss & I decided we should do something for him on his birthday, especially since he had to sit in the hospital so Prince Charming & Liss called some family members together, Liss got party plates & napkins and I made a cake and we went in to surprise him on his birthday. It worked out great. Marlin was up in the bathroom when Prince Charming and I got there around 4:45 so we put the cake and presents in an empty cabinet and sat there and talked as if nothing was going on. Everyone else gathered in the waiting room and waited for Liss & Jason to show up. Marlin saw my camera sitting on the counter and asked what I was up to and I claimed I didn’t want to leave it in the frigid temperatures sitting in Prince Charming’s truck and he believed me. whew, thanks for quick thinking there! So Prince Charming walked out of the room on the phone and when he walked back in everyone came in with him. Under the circumstances, I think this was a great birthday! Here are a few photos and here’s where Marlin might disown me… 🙁 sorry, Marlin.

Marlin’s Birthday cake (unfortunately he didn’t get to take any… I’ll make him a cake when he gets better!!)

Marlin with his grandkids, Dill Pickle & Tbug

Family who came

more family!

Happy Birthday, Marlin!!!

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