Corpus Christi, Texas: North Beach and Fajitaville

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What do you do when you are in San Antonio but want to go to the beach? You drive to the closest one. After doing a little bit of research, the Corpus Christi area seemed like the best option. It was all interstate and it was about an hour and a half to two-hour drive.

When we started planning our trip to San Antonio we asked the girls what they wanted to do while we were on vacation. The only thing the little one said was the beach. Well if you haven’t noticed, San Antonio is still kind of in the upper part of Texas. Now, I use the “upper part” loosely because Texas is huge and in comparison, it really isn’t, but what I mean is, San Antonio is more inland bound.

We planned on Friday of our trip to be our beach day. That still gave us a day to mill around San Antonio. Plus we weren’t driving 4 hours (2 hours one way) and then home 11 hours the next. We had that cushion day in there to recoup from the beach.

Hubby, being the researcher he is, really didn’t research where we were going to go once we got to Corpus Christi. We just decided to wing it. As we pulled into the area, we found North Beach. We did a slight bit of research on the road and decided that might not be a bad place to check out, so that’s where we landed. We stopped along the way to get some sand buckets and shovels and plastic cups… who doesn’t use plastic cups to play in the sand? It was all I could find honestly. And we were ready for a day at the beach.

North Beach

I can’t tell you much other than there are sand, surf, and salt water. All good for the soul!

I got burned earlier in the week, I think that’s just normal for me. I’m a lobster. So I made sure to wear my rashguard because I didn’t want to burn anymore. Oh and 30 SPF sunscreen which I’ll have you know, I had on earlier in the week when I burned. Oy!

And this is what happens when you give one of your girls your camera…

But then later she makes up for it with this photo…

We had fun floaty ma bobbers (technical name there of course) to hang on in the water. Then we had sand buckets that collapse to take up little room for the ride home for the sand. Plus shovels and of course the plastic cups. 

This guy caught a catfish, I kid you not. Barehanded none the less. 

And hubby found this little dude. We took him up to the sand to see if he’d walk away or walk out of the shell, but with the birds, he wasn’t moving.

Speaking of birds… you can tell the day in age when people are trying to get that perfect Instagram photo with flying birds.

Fajitaville Corpus Christi

Now, we could have planned a little better and brought our lunch, but where’s the fun in that? It’s always fun to eat local eats when you travel! I might be a foodie if… This place was within walking distance of where we hung out in the ocean, but we were hot and tired. We changed clothes in the parking lot… cleaned up with bottled water (ha) and went and ate lunch in the airconditioning. 

The came around with chips and salsa. Baby girl loves her cheese dip so we ordered some too. The chips were a little thicker than I like, but they were still very good.

And of course, I had more in my meal. I went with the beef nachos. I love good Beef Nachos. They could have used a little more cheese on them, but they were really good. One thing about it, Texas knows how to do good TexMex.

Hubby went with the special. It had a Tostada, 2 beef enchiladas, Beans, and a quesadilla.

Tbug went the route of a Steak Quesadilla. I took a bite. She shared. Yum. 

And of course, then there’s the picky eater in the group. She went with Mac and cheese. It was interesting to us they put goldfish on them. She wasn’t totally 100% sold, but she did eat it. I tried a bite. It was good. Not something I would have just thought of…

And that my friends is all she wrote. Remember we were only there from 11ish until about 4. That included going shopping for some souvenirs. I really wanted to take family photos on the beach. It didn’t happen. I was a little heartbroken about that, but I didn’t want to wait for better lighting… so we left.


*trip August 2018

2 thoughts on “Corpus Christi, Texas: North Beach and Fajitaville

  1. Way back when, I went to Corpus Christi. Didn’t see much. But I remember the luv bugs were so bad you couldn’t see thru the windshield!

    I like to eat at who knows where when we travel, but hubby not so much. Bummer.

    You still have the memories. 🙂

  2. Oh that beach looks marvelous… to say you didn’t do much research, it looks like that worked out well! Nothing better than a day at the beach, it soothes my soul.

    And now I’m craving nachos… mmmm….

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