4th of July Photo Journal – Family

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I can’t believe we’re already on the downhill slope toward Christmas. Oy! If you watch Hallmark Channel, we’re on Christmas in July… round the clock Christmas movies. Gosh, I love Christmas movies, but that’s another post for another day. Right now, let’s discuss the 4th of July, again… one last time.

This will be in the form of hubby’s family. I only say that to distinguish between our two families although technically when we got married, they all became OUR family. Anyway… Just clarifying right there :).

Now one thing that I should point out just to remember is that Hubby and I were the last ones to the party for the most part. A couple of stragglers came in but, usually, we’re some of the first ones there. When we hosted it, we were first, now that we are just patrons (haha, jokes on them… just kidding) we’re still usually some of the first ones to show up. Then I had to leave to go back to my house to get a trailer to set up the fireworks on. 

When I got to the house, the joke was on me… hubby left his truck empty. I used his truck because at that time they were using the bed of mine to sort fireworks. I hopped in his truck and there were 27 miles to empty. Now, I could have made it to my sister-in-law’s and he could have made it from there to the gas station, but at that late at night, who wants to bother? So I stopped and got fuel for him. I might be nice sometimes, but don’t spread the word!


You know how you have those fireworks for the earlier hours. The snappers and what not. So they were already digging into those when I got back. Once I got back, it was time to eat. Then back to the fireworks.

Then God decided to share a fireworks show of his own. It was still really to light to shoot off fireworks. It was about 8 pm maybe… 7:45… and a huge storm hit the radar and blew in. It was strange to sit there and watch the clouds swirling overhead.

So the crew decided to try and work on setting off fireworks before the rain blew in. That made it difficult for my pretty fireworks pictures I wait all year to take.

But alas we lost out to the rain. And it poured. At first, we moved in under the carport thinking that it would quickly pass over. Little did we know there were other ideas to be had.

So eventually we moved into the house. The rain was swirling around and in and under the carport. Some stayed outside, but most moved in the house. While in the house, Abug presented us with a song and dance show. She got my SIL involved as well as one of the cousins. It was quite entertaining and we have lots of videos. Blackmail?? LOL.

Finally, the rain slacked off and we were able to go outside and shoot off fireworks. We had a nice lightning show to accompany off to the North. And just as we were about to finish, it started raining again. I joked our mommas didn’t teach us to come in out of the rain. Tbug was sitting next to me and said, nope, my momma sure didn’t. Touché.

We only had a couple of fireworks go haywire. We also had one fire that they knew was going on but they didn’t answer us when we asked if they knew. That caused us to keep yelling.

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