Life – Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Oh MY!

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I have been in a true funk this year. Really, the last couple of years. I’m tired of being in this funk but I don’t see it ending anytime too soon.

I stumbled across a post earlier this year that I wrote claiming 2018 to be the year of Nicole. Kind of taking a cue from my friend Sue Sue Heck (Yes, I know she’s a tv character… I’m not totally crazy). But this has been anything but… sort of… I guess that totally depends on how you look at things. We’ve just had a lot of life-changing events playing out this year and it’s wearing me out. One was hubby and his job. Ugh! That was a stressful event that started last year. The other major one I’m not ready to divulge on just yet. I think it’s too stressful to even think about at this point in time.

Truthfully, the final result is coming soon and I’m afraid of the outcome. I’m afraid of jinxing it. Really, I’m just ready for an answer. I promise it will all come out soon! I hate when people are so secretive. Some know because I’m about to go crazy waiting! Whew…

So how does the title play in?

I’m so glad you asked… If you’ve been around me any time at all… you’ll know that while I prefer summer, my favorite time of year is between Halloween and New Years. Yes, I included Halloween for all you people giving me crap! Haha. All year long, when I would find something saying that Christmas was X number of days away, I’d share it on facebook. Trust me, I got a lot of backlash from that. I don’t care really. I won’t lie, my favorite time of year truly is the Christmas season. And with so much uncertainty we’ve been dealing with this year, I wanted my happy place back.

Now here’s where I mention I never wanted summer to leave. I never wanted to wish my life away. Let’s celebrate all the holidays between whenever and Christmas. But… Christmas is coming. I’ve never really been much into Halloween, but my daughter loves it. Let’s celebrate. I love Thanksgiving… all the food. Yum! Plus, news flash, I love to cook! Truth be told, Thanksgiving is the best of everything… It has that Christmasy vibe because families get together without the stress of buying presents and wrapping them for everyone. But it doesn’t have the pretty lights. The gorgeous decorations. Have you seen that tv show with the light wars? They go all out to decorate.


So everyone has given me crap, all year long about posting that Christmas is X number of days, weeks, etc away. I don’t care. I’m looking for the positive. Something to help settle all this uncertainty I’ve dealt with this year. There was a video that went around on Facebook about living life and that life is full of ups and downs. It even made reference to a rollercoaster. That cracks me up because I always compare life to a rollercoaster ride.

So there you have it. Life is weird. I think we may have all known that to be true. And don’t worry, I’m excited to take my little girl trick-or-treating. Bring on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then bring on Summer! No one has time for that January!

One thought on “Life – Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Oh MY!

  1. Maybe it’s not very nice of me to say, but if people have issues with you counting down until Christmas…screw ’em. This is your blog, your content, your doorstep of the Internet, and if people don’t like it, they can lump it! Sometimes you gotta hang on to whatever positive things bring you joy, and folks who take issue with that are most likely unhappy, and don’t want you to be happy either.

    So count down and enjoy yourself!

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