Oh Where?

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Oh Where is my Car Key

Oh Where is my Car Key?
Oh Where?
Oh Where?
Oh Where?

Oh Where?

Oh Where???? Is my Car key?

Yup, take a closer look… that is the Washer!  Hey at least it’s clean now, right?

Peace, Love & Loving Husbands!!

Mrs. Late for Work

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0 thoughts on “Oh Where?

  1. LOL! Cute post! I'd never be able to find mine except we have a garage so I never take them out of the car! I take them out of the ignition and then drop them in the console. Your Christmas table is lovely!

  2. LOL! Reminds me of a couple of weeks ago I could not find my car keys anywhere! I ended up taking my truck to work. Well, come to find out, they had fallen in the trash thanks to my mischievous kitty!

  3. Funny!! Glad you found it…I lost my school keys and didn't find them until a year and a half later; in the ignition of my dad's seldom used Finland car of all places!!! (he lives in Canada but has an old beater for when he's over here)

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