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When it comes to taking pictures, there are so many key factors… Do you want Straight out of the Camera, Photoshopped, Point and shoot, dSLR, staged, planned, accidental… and the list could go on and on…

So I was reading Tezzie’s blog and she had participated in another Favorite Photo contest or maybe a show and tell, who knows… :).  But either way I recently got a photo that I fell in love with.  It is straight out of the camera… there are a few things I might like to change about it, but truthfully, I love this photo just as it is.  One of my co-workers saw it and teased me saying they saw a pattern in my photos (ie they are my husband) but he’ll let me shoot photos of him without complaining.  That’s one of the 50 Million reasons I love him! 

We all agree (we as in my husband and mother and aunt and of course me) that it’d be a bit better had he had a cowboy hat on, but that’s not something you’d want to fix with photoshop 🙂  I do think I should photoshop it a little, make the colors just really pop and add a little burn around the edges… but no matter what I LOVE this photo and this man!

Husband, I love you!!!

Peace, Love & Husbands!


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0 thoughts on “Favorite Photo….

  1. That is a GREAT picture! I like Photoshop sometimes, but I kinda think you can over do it. Some of my favorite pictures have been SOOC. But there are so many options and opinions on what a great picture is, it's crazyness!

  2. Great pic of your hubby! And I disagree on the cowboy hat, I think it looks great as is…but then again, I'm more of a ball cap girl! haha 🙂

  3. Awww…what a great photo (and sweet post, to boot ;D) I agree with Jill 'bout the ball cap…but what makes the pic is his expression; I'm “guessing” he loves the photographer a lot!!

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