Wonder Woman Sugar Cookies

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Seems like here lately all I’ve been doing is cakes… and I won’t lie… I kind of like doing those these days. There was a while that I hated decorating cakes but sometime last year I found that love and this year I’ve honed in on that love. In fact, right now as I type this I have cakes in the oven baking. Ooooo are you excited to find out what is in the oven? Don’t worry, I’ll share… eventually.

Heck, these cookies are from a couple weekends ago. LIfe has been crazy lately. A lot of ups and downs and more downs but there are ups too. It’s that roller coaster ride thing. It would be easy some days to throw your hands up in the air and say, I’m done… But… I’m not done. Not yet. I’m just holding on and screaming my head off. Think roller coaster rides of course. I always compare life to a roller coaster ride. I love roller coasters but the older I get the more they scare the crap out of me for some reason.

More on that thought real quick… I guess when I was just barely tall enough to ride the roller coasters at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, I used to cry because they wouldn’t let me ride while other people used to cry that they didn’t want to ride them. Now I get to call this thing called the roller coaster of life. haha.

Okay, back to the cookies…

Wonder Woman

My friend Jody hit me up and said, can you do Wonder Woman sugar cookies. I said sure, then went to researching what to do exactly. There were circle options and heart options and square options and and and. Yes, I meant for those extra ands to be there. Lots of options out there but I went this route. Hearts seemed to be the way to go.

Now, when Deb saw the pictures, she pointed out that the top of the heart, the red were the boobs. I laughed so hard. I never saw it that way. The boobs, the belt, and the skirt. Oh gosh, I’m not sure I can see it any other way truthfully. It’s all Deb’s fault :).

But I was quite pleased with how these turned out! Now, Jody was feeling a little stressed about doing her daughter’s birthday cupcakes too. I gave her ideas/options and she laughed at me saying she couldn’t do that. I explained it was quite easy so she told me to put my money where my mouth was. Basically, she said, show me. So I did. That post coming soon! And now that my cakes are about to come out of the oven, I need to get back to it. Wish me luck!!

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