Sesame Street Sugar Cookies

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One day last month I got a PM from a friend asking if I could do Sesame Street Sugar Cookies for her friend’s little girl’s birthday. Can I? That’s a good question… but I believe the answer is, YES, Yes I can. That is after she said they could be any of the characters. Also… I went to my friend Google. Google gave me some confidence.

I decided I needed a frog cookie cutter. Frog head for clarification.

I have to say, truthfully, I was happier with my Elmo cookies than I was my Cookie Monster cookies.

Come on, who doesn’t like Elmo? But then again, I really like Cookie Monster too. Come on… HE. EATS. COOKIES. I like cookies. We were made to be friends. haha!

For the Cookie Monster, I wish the cookies would have been a little squishier maybe. That and I thought about going and getting some small chocolate chip cookies to attach, but then I wouldn’t have been able to pack them for transport very easily.

Okay, so here they are in all their glory.

One thought on “Sesame Street Sugar Cookies

  1. Seriously your cookies are so dang cute! I wonder how they would ship. I’d love a one hunting or dirt bike ones for Hayes birthday in December!😉

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