Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

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Let’s dust off the cobwebs around here with a nice little fall/pumpkiny/Halloweenie type post. haha. Like that do ya? Have you noticed that this time of year you can walk outside and there are spider webs it seems like everywhere? It’s like doing kungfu ninja type stuff. I’m not afraid of spiders. I can’t just say I like them, but I’m not afraid of them. Now, we all know that is a different story with snakes. I saw a couple of those here lately too. It’s getting too cold. Go into the hibernation. Ugh!

By the way, I got a new laptop and we’re arguing. I say one thing and then it does something completely opposite. Ugh! I might be able to type better if I’d cut my pesky nails. That’s how I always know my nails are getting too long… it interferes with my typing. But I guess that’s another story for another day. Just know, it types differently. It smells different (haha!). And well… it is different. Even Photoshop and I are arguing because I have a different version. sigh!

But let’s not focus on all of that. Instead… look at these gorgeous cookies!!!

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll remember last year I made browned butter pumpkin spiced cookies. Oh were they good! It’s crazy what a little browning of some butter will do for you! It adds a whole new level of flavor. It’s crazy! But alas, this year, I made my pumpkin spice sugar cookies and used regular royal icing on them. Now… I did change it up a bit and got a different brand of Meringue powder. Plus, I used a different recipe for royal icing. I just wanted to try something else out and see if I had the same luck I have with mine. It’s never a bad idea to try new things! It gives you perspective!

So thoughts…

  • I’m not 100% sure I was sold on the royal icing. I don’t think it dried as hard as it should have. Royal icing is supposed to be “hard” if you didn’t know that.
  • I added one drop of orange into a huge batch of icing. I think it gave just that hint, that something, something that made the cookies look pretty! They look better pale than a bright orange in my opinion.
  • The meringue powder. I do think it tastes different. That’s what I read. I wasn’t sure so I thought I’d try it. I do believe it is different.

I’m sorry, I can’t give you my pumpkin spice sugar cookie recipe. I think I’ve only shared my sugar cookie recipe with the oldest daughter and maybe, maybe one friend. I kind of came up with it myself based on a couple different recipes and tastes. I’m just not ready to divulge that information yet. But… never fear… you can check out these posts where I kind of got some inspiration for the pumpkin spice sugar cookies…

And if you want to try the Royal Icing Recipe I tried out…

Now… if you want my Royal Icing Recipe….

Nicole’s Royal Icing Recipe

Nicole’s Royal Icing Recipe
Author: Nicole
  • 4 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Meringue Powder
  • 6-7 tbsp Water + more for thinning
  • splash of Almond flavoring
  • 1 tsp Vanilla flavoring
  1. Sift your powdered sugar twice. Trust me, if you don’t, you’ll be hating life. Okay, maybe not hating life but you’ll be hating me… Just even though it’s difficult, sift it twice!
  2. Place powdered sugar in the mixer bowl along with 6-7 tbsp warm water (or cold, but warm works well) and 3 tbsp meringue powder.
  3. Turn the mixer on low to medium-low speed to combine. Then continue on that speed for 10 minutes. Do not beat on high because it adds too many air bubbles into your royal icing which is a pain when you’re piping.
  4. This gives you stiff consistency. From there thin out to the desired consistency. Careful not to add too much water. Add a small amount at a time. If it gets too runny, just add more powdered sugar.
  5. Royal icing dries quickly and hard, so make sure to keep in an airtight container when not in use.


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