Dear Leg, I'm Sorry

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Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.


I’m Sorry.  So Sorry. sang in the most ridiculous voice you can imagine.  That’s all that is going through my head right this minute. 

Dear Leg,

I’m sorry that somehow I managed to get into poison ivy.  Trust me, it is no treat for me either.  It started on my hand and then somehow moved to my stomach and now has moved to you.  Oy!  I wish that all the poison ivy would just go to hell and leave us all alone.  Especially because I never had poison ivy until last year.  I’m sorry the first night you wound up with the PI that I dug so hard it hurt.  I really didn’t realize I did that until I looked down.  Usually I swear I don’t scratch that hard.  I hope that the PI goes away and you’ll heal up and look just as lovely as you looked prior to the PI taking over the calf.  OY!  Have I said that yet?  Yeah, ok.  well I’m not sure where the PI came from but I’m soooo sorry.  The hand finally healed so next it should be your turn, right?  I’m going to stop thinking about you now so hopefully you’ll quit itching.


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0 thoughts on “Dear Leg, I'm Sorry

  1. When I got my really bad case of poison ivy and had to go to the doctor, the doctor told me that some people can get into poison ivy and never be affected. It is repeated exposure that can give you the rash.

    Poison ivy gets on your hands or clothes, it can contaminate other things – hence the rash on your tummy.

    We keep poison ivy soap on every sink, because we have it everywhere. I feel for you.

    And even though other things also have 3 leaves, around here, if it has 3 leaves, it dies.

    Cortisone helps.

    Hope you get well soon. ♥

  2. Oh. Forgot to say, if you burn it, do NOT get into the smoke or breathe it, because it can affect you that way, too.

    Nasty stuff.

  3. We don't have poison ivy around here, the closest thing we have is nettles. Do you guys have those? The burn and sting and itch all put together.

  4. Oh so so sorry! That is something I have never had and hope to never have! Knock on wood!

  5. I've only had it twice and damn did it hurt!

    My friend made this tincture of jewel weed and olive oil that is like a freaking miracle cure/deactivator of the pain. Can't buy it in stores but I bet you can google the recipe.

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