What do you miss?

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Isn’t it lovely that this question is posed on Mother’s Day.  I have 3 people who come to mind and those would be 3 of my 4 grandparents.  Sadly I am only left with one grandparent whom I love so much.  I had a very fun, unique relationship with my 4 grandparents.

My Grandma S was taken from me in 2007 due to that nasty thing called cancer.  She was one of my biggest supporters and biggest fans.  She wanted absolutely nothing but the best for me and always made me strive for my best.  Sometimes she and I were so much a like we butted heads, but she was always there for me to help whether it was studying for a test or helping me scrub my sheep to get ready for a show.  She was out there coaching me when it came to my horses or she was there telling me how important and nice it is to help clean my parents house while they were at work.  It breaks my heart that she never got to meet my hubby or Tbug because I know she would have been absolutely smitten with them.

My Grandpa S followed her 9 months later on Father’s Day 2008 due to that nasty thing again called cancer.  The love that I saw between my grandparents is always something to strive for.  Every relationship should be like the one I witnessed between the two of them.  Grandpa was right there with her every step of the way while she cheered on both her children and her grandchild (me).  When I started showing sheep at 15 years old, he and my other grandpa were right there helping me build anything and everything I needed to get my sheep ready.  And my grandpa’s were there helping my parents building fences to help keep our horses in.  Then when my parents were in Hawaii and someone took out our mailbox, they were right there helping me put another mailbox in for my parents when I ran out of steam and daylight.

My Grandpa J and I had a very unique relationship as well.  When I was in the 2nd grade he had just retired and started picking me up every day after school.  If I was driving to a fair that my parents couldn’t attend with me, grandpa was right there to travel with me.  Anything I needed or really wanted, I truthfully never had to want for anything.  He wanted absolutely nothing but the best for me.  When he met my husband, my husband walked up and shook his hand, grandpa looked at me and said, that’s a good one.  Keep him.  You can tell a lot by the way a man shakes your hand and that’s a good one.  He was there the day my daddy walked me down the aisle.

So I actually have 3 people whom I miss terribly and they were all very significant people in my life while I was growing up.

Grandma J, Grandma S, me, Grandpa S, Grandpa J

What about you?  Who or what do you miss most?

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