Chuy’s – Rogers, AR

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What is the significance of this picture? To prove that hubby was HOME! Wait, what?

Let’s back up… So 2 weeks ago hubby was in Boston for work. He was supposed to be home Friday, August 3, 2018. I state “was” because his flight got canceled as did every flight Delta had that night within a 150-mile radius of Boston. There was some storm and instead of postponing like Southwest Airlines did, Delta just canceled and apparently that’s what they always do. UGH!

Why did I really care? Well because Sunday, August 5th we were supposed to be leaving on vacation. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? So hubby and his co-worker who were traveling together looked into multiple routes to get home and both didn’t get home until Sunday. Hubby left out of KCI (Kansas City) and finally found a flight into XNA (Northwest Arkansas) at noon on Sunday. His co-worker got home Sunday at 4 pm into KCI.

Hubby was looking for every route to get home on Saturday and couldn’t do it. Our plans included us leaving between 5 and 6 on Sunday evening. It was a fuster cluck. With him rerouted through XNA, my parents and I drove up to KCI to get his truck because that’s a 2ish hour trip. Then Sunday morning we headed to XNA to pick him up and bring him home, quickly do laundry, finish packing him, and leave here on time. It was stressful! But we accomplished it, even with eating lunch at Chuy’s Tex-Mex.

Chuy’s Tex-Mex – Rogers AR

Chuy’s actually originated in the early 80’s in Austin, Texas. For what feels like months, our friend Jared has been telling us we needed to try this restaurant. A week earlier my parents tried this restaurant and raved about it too. So when they found out we were going to XNA, he suggested going with us and we could try Chuy’s. They raved about it so much they said we needed to find one in San Antonio (which there are like 3 or 4 locations).


Chips and salsa of course, but we also got cheese dip, then we got this Jalapeño Ranch sauce. That sauce was worth it. It tasted like a jalapeño ranch. I love ranch and I loved this stuff. I am a connoisseur of Ranch. I can tell you the best kinds and the best restaurants to go find the best stuff. Yes, I may dub myself that, but come on… when I was a kid, my salad consisted of Ranch dressing, cheese, and croutons. I kid you not. No lettuce, just the aforementioned stuff.

The food

Okay, so I ordered a Ground Sirloin Chile Relleno. A fresh Anaheim pepper, fire roasted and filled with seasoned ground sirloin. Battered and fried topped with a drizzle of sour cream and ranchero sauce. I forgot to tell them no beans, I don’t like beans, but I tried them. Verdict: still hate beans. The rice was good, but I filled up on the chips and Jalapeño Sauce that I ate one of the rellenos. I wanted to take the other home, but knowing I’d be out of town for a week, that was pointless. The batter on the rellenos was excellent.

Oh, and on a side note this week… I learned that relleno translates to stuffed, pepper (chile). You’re welcome. Yes, I didn’t know that, other than I knew that. Does that make sense?

Hubby went with the Porka-porka Boom-boom. Seasoned pork & cheese with a boom-boom sauce, made with cheese, roasted New Mexican green chiles, tomatillos, green onions, cilantro, and lime juice. Holy cow were these spicy. The menu said the boom-boom sauce was spicy. Now, dad and hubby didn’t think so but dang… my lips were even on fire, not to mention my tongue and the whole inside of my mouth. But they were good and had good flavor!


Last thoughts

This was on the back of the silverware holder.

We didn’t eat at this restaurant in San Antonio because we ate at it here. We love to try new places and places that we don’t have around home! That’s part of the fun of vacations!

The verdict though was… yum! very good. I’d eat there again and I’d get a Chile Relleno again, but maybe the cheese filled one next time. So if you like good Tex-Mex, definitely give this place a shot. If you like ranch dressing, get the Jalapeño Sauce for your chips and everything else! Trust me!

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