What to do in Paducah, Kentucky Every Other Thursday during the Summer

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After we ate dinner at the Italian Grill on Broadway, we decided to wander down the street and see what this part of Paducah had to offer. Our final destination was the Ohio River (about 8 blocks or less).

The history of Paducah caught my attention.

I personally love architecture. There’s something about buildings, especially old buildings. I can’t help but imagine the history that they contain, how the people built them, especially old ones, etc.

I’d like to know why it says 1883 and 1999 on the two peeks of this building. See, more history that I just don’t know but would so love to know!

Once you got down to the waterfront, there were these huge murals that spanned quite some distance. 3-5 blocks maybe. There were plaques on the ground that described each mural and told the history of Paducah from the West to the East. I know this because I watched the sun set :).

There was a concert going on down on the riverfront. We were told that all summer long, every other Thursday night they have free concerts to bring people out. There were also vendors set up.

And then there’s the Ohio River.

But the sunset was gorgeous. Sadly I missed it because we were eating dinner but the colors of the sky were gorgeous. I was so mad at myself because I left my “big girl camera” at the hotel (I also complained a lot about that) so all I had were iPhone photos of the sky coloring.

This was toward the end of the mural wall, down by the huge locomotive that was set up on display. By the time we got to the train, it was dark, I’d have liked to have gone back while it was light. So much history and really cool information about Paducah, KY. Things I never knew or even thought to ask.

So if you live in or around Paducah or are on a trip passing through, or looking for a great trip, be sure to check out this town. Looks like a great place full of history. There were even museums around. One was a quilt one and one focused on underwater, etc.

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