Thursday in St. Louis

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So when we woke up on Thursday, it was a cloudy, sorta rainy kind of day.  We got up and got dressed and decided to go grab breakfast at Denny’s since we knew we could get a big breakfast and not worry about lunch.

We bought tickets online to go to Six Flags.  By buying online, we got a discount but we had to wait 5 days to use them.  That put us up to Thursday.  Since it was raining on Thursday we were debating on if we wanted to use our tickets that day or not but finally decided after Tbug and had such great luck on my birthday with rain and amusement parks we decided to take our chances.

I can’t tell you though, I was shocked at the amount it cost to pay to park once we got to Six Flags.  Really?  I guess I’m used to Silver Dollar City (Steal your dollar city as I usually call it) because we get free parking… but whatever… we had the tickets and we didn’t want to waste that money…

While we were at Six Flags there were times when it was extremely cloudy, there were times when it was hot and sunny.  We decided we didn’t want to ride water rides since we forgot to bring dry clothes with us to change in to, however, one of the rides we were on turned in to a water ride… aka it started pouring :).

Luckily we had towels in the trunk of the car so we at least had a way to be semi-dry on the ride home.  That’s also the first time I’ve walked into a hotel wearing a towel as a skirt and carrying my shorts.  Hey, don’t judge, no one knew…

Since we spent part of our day dry, we decided that evening to dress up and go eat dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

I still say one of the things St. Louis is missing is the taste of sweet tea.  Seems we could only find it at fast-food restaurants.  After we left Macaroni Grill, we were on the hunt for Sonic because we wanted a GREAT big Sweet Tea.  We each got a Route 44 Sweet Tea.  Luckily, the sonic was like 4 miles from our hotel.  Wow, do you see a pattern?  Everything is like 4 miles… lol.

Now, ladies, I want to show you the true sign of a GREAT man.  One who when your hands are full (can’t remember what I was carrying) carries your purse for you :).  Even when people are looking at him strangely.  And apparently, my hands weren’t all THAT full because I was able to snag a photo… just throwing that out there… lol.  Don’t worry, the next day he made me carry it :).

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  1. Those parking prices are astronomical! I cringed, literally.
    That was so sweet of him to carry your purse, and I love that you got a picture of it! Ha ha!

  2. We went to Six Flags once, in Arlington Tx. My grandma got tickets through pharmaceutical reps, (she's a nurse practitioner) Anway, that is only was we could have gone, the prices are SOOO ridiculous!

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