Fish City Grill – Rogers, AR

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When we got down to the Pinnacle Hills Shopping center, we walked around Dillards and then our favorite jewelry store, Versona Accessories.  As we were leaving Versona,  I asked mom when we were going to eat.  She asked what time it was and I answered 11:50 and I was hungry.  She grinned at me and asked AC & Neela what they’d like to eat.  As we rounded the corner up by where the restaurants are, AC saw the Fish City Grill and asked if we could eat there.   Everyone knows me and my “love” of fish, but I said as long as they had shrimp or chicken I was game so we checked it out.

As we entered they told us to seat ourselves and brought us the menus.

AC & Neela went for a Wildberry Limeade which I MUST tell you was absolutely awesome.  Mom went for the Strawberry Tea.  It was ok, but I wasn’t a huge fan either.  I stayed sober, someone had to be able to drive home if nothing else :).  I went with coke… lol.

Mom wanted to start with fried pickles served with Ranch Dressing.  They were good.  I think I almost ate too many.

Neela got Crispy Calamari which I’m proud to say they got me to try.  I wasn’t impressed because they were really chewy, but I get an A for effort for trying them!

I went with the Shrimp Nachos.  OMG.  I couldn’t eat them all because I got full but I can’t even begin to tell you how good they were.  In fact, I’m sitting here thinking about them right now wanting them!  Homemade chips, cheese, tomatoes, shrimp, jalapenos… what more could you ask for?

AC went with Fish Tacos.  She said they were good.  I didn’t try one so we’ll all have to take her word :). lol.

Mom got Coconut shrimp with a side of fries.  I didn’t get to try them either but I did snag a fry.  The fries were good for sure, but mom said the shrimp was really good too.

Then the waitress came and asked if we wanted dessert.  We got 2 Bread Puddings.  AC and Neela shared one and mom and I shared the other.  Holy crap!  I’ve never liked bread pudding that I knew of but this… I could eat this for days, yup, it was that good.  In fact, I didn’t want to quit eating but I was sooooo full that I could take another bite.

This is a restaurant that we saw there before but none of us really took the time to check out until AC suggested it and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll take hubby there next chance I get!

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