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My dad was traveling for work this last week and he shot me this email:

Hey Boomer:
Last night on the radio there was an ad for a method to stop snoring.  From what the ad said the device is free if you call this number 1-800-516-7126.  Apparently it is a “cloth” that you place under your pillow that ends snoring.  Thought of you when I heard it.

I forwarded this on to hubby because shhhh don’t tell him, but he snores!  And this was the response I got back:

Call it…..
I don’t have a snoring problem….. al though come to think of it I do have an issue where I get kicked in the middle of the night… do they have a solution for that??

I just about cracked up laughing.  I have a video of him snoring, which I’m not going to share just  yet.  Use it more for blackmail material.  Watch out hubby… don’t get on my bad side… and by the way I like jewelry and diamonds and flowers and food and some chocolate and……….. 

5 thoughts on “Snoring…..

  1. LOL! My hubby use to snore something fierce too – until he got himself a cpap. I highly recommend it!! I sleep so much better now and so does he.

  2. LOL mine only snores when he's sick (or after we've been drinking). He's gotten quite a few kicks & elbows too.

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