A day in the life of…

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Me 🙂

I’ve been seeing these around for a while, but do you know how hard it is to remember to take a photo of yourself or things you’ve done throughout the day?

So hubby and I started off the morning Tuesday reading my blog post after we ate breakfast.  I woke us up early thanks to my bladder (tmi? maybe) so we went ahead and got up.

While leaving for work is when I saw this beautiful sky!

And hubby gave me his heart.

Then I had to make sure I was out of the house in time to drop a package off at the post office before heading to work.  Remember I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go :).

As I was pulling away from the post office I saw this slug bug, so turned the corner, no one was coming so I stopped right in the road to shoot this photo and send a quick text and away I zoomed off to work.  Kind of a perk to small town life, especially early in the morning :).

As you can see I made it to work with time to spare… sort of anyway 🙂

We had webinar’s going on at work so I sat on the phone for a lot of the day either troubleshooting people’s problems, helping them sign up, or actually participating in the webinars :).

For lunch.  Oddly enough it was yummy!  And it looks like a lot but really it wasn’t.  My lettuce was really spread out on my plate :).

The rest of my lunch hour was spent blogging.

Then after work I met up with hubby and we headed to BFE.  I’m not sure if we were in Oklahoma, Kansas or Missouri because we were right on the border of all three states.

We were headed to this pool.

So that we could go scuba diving!  BTW throw your camera in the pool and let someone who doesn’t know that it is a water camera see you, they’ll think you’re nuts :).

By the time we were done and got dried off and changed it was 8:34, rainy and we were hungry.

So we headed to Hardee’s to grab dinner before heading home.  Pokey showed me how you “get ketchup”  I don’t think I’ll question him 🙂

I love the Frisco Burgers.  Good and fattening :).

And I was so happy to report that on our way home, I’m happy to scream from the roof tops that it was raining!!!!!  We like rain in these parts of the country!

I went home, jumped in the shower to wash the chlorine smell off and we crashed by like 10:30.  Real exciting life I lead huh?  Happy day friends…. It’s Friday!

8 thoughts on “A day in the life of…

  1. The Frisco burger is my FAVORITE burger ever!! We don't have a Hardee's close to our house (there is one about 45 minutes away) so I look forward to road trips so I can stop at one!

    Have a great weekend Nicole!

  2. So they pic where you are blogging at lunch, where are you? It kind of looks like you are sitting on the bathroom floor. haha. Trust me way more exciting day than mine. I think I might try and remember to do this one day. haha maybe, we'll see

  3. Your day looks a heck of a lot more exciting than mine! That is actually a super cute idea to do a post about your day.. Hmm.. Maybe if I ever have an exciting day I will take pictures of it! Haha!
    I'm super hungry for a burger now.. It's 8:37am.. Haha!

  4. A BUSY life you lead Nicole!! I should a post like this one day 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


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