The Tale of the Buckle

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Do you see this lovely hunk of metal?  This was up for grabs to the lucky winner of the 500 Limited Rider Class (persons who haven’t won over $500)

And do you see this lovely guy I’m with?  The handsome one I might add!

Well this weekend was NCHA Day… er…. weekend.  I’ve always known it as “day” but I guess over the years it has turned into weekend.  Anyway… Here’s the list of classes for the weekend.

Now when I started dating my husband back in 2009 he said his brother in law was going to teach him how to be a team roper.  Now… team ropers have never been nice to me, I guess b/c I show cutting horses, I dunno.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Anyway My mom issued a challenge to my husband to learn how to show Cutting Horses.  And he has been working on it ever since!

Well on NCHA Day especially he wanted to win a buckle.  So we loaded up the gang and headed to the show.

Hurry up to wait mom… thanks… I could be snacking on grass most of the day… LOL 🙂

Don’t worry, I had to wait too!

Robert came out to hang out for a few so hubby was telling him what was going on.

Finally at about 6pm it was time for hubby to get ready.

Dad giving a few last minute pointers to hubby.  This is only the second time showing KG.

Three loves in my life: hubby, dad & horse!

By this point I was sitting up on the announcer’s stand, probably annoying them because I was getting nervous.  By the time he was showing I was telling him, “Sit,” “Put your hand down,” “Step up,” “Hold him up,” etc.  Don’t worry, I was going through the moves with him even.  Every time I’d say sit, I’d sit deeper in my chair.  Finally Kurt (the announcer) looked at me and said, “How’s he doin Nicole?”… LOL.  Boy that was a long 2 1/2 minutes.

They had a professional photographer there being NCHA weekend.  I bought him a photo of his ride to hang in our house.  He marked a 71.

And I’m so proud to say, as those of you on instagram & facebook saw, He won!  He’s the proud new winner of the belt buckle!

Congrats Hunny!  Now you get to show against the big boys… haha 🙂

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