Funny Moments in Life

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So we all have funny moments in our life growing up.  I’m not going to lie, I’m scared to death about getting Alzheimer’s and forgetting those moments.  Those OH CRAP moments when you were a kid that now bring tears to your eyes laughing about it 10, 15, 20 years later.  So I’m going to share a few of my moments with you.  You’re welcome.  And maybe they’re funnier to me than you, but please feel free to laugh!

When I was about 7 years old or so my dad was pouring concrete in his hay barn floor.  Oddly enough I can remember I was wearing purple shorts and a matching shirt and some kind of summer sandals.  I thought it would be fun to get out and help all the men spread and smooth out the concrete so dad told me to put on his mud boots.  Well I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried walking in concrete but the minute I stepped in it (which I probably shouldn’t have done) I fell over backwards and landed butt first in the concrete.  I was so embarrassed that I bawled my eyes out and ran to the house crying.  I ran in the house and changed clothes, in fact I left my shorts outside and then went back out and tried to wash the concrete off with a water hose.
How about this one on for size.  I grew up showing horses.  I was on a horse before I could even walk.  In fact there is a photo of me in my daddy’s arms when I was one month old on the back of a horse.  So when I was 16, the month I turned 17, I was at the county fair horse show.  Those really weren’t my thing but I was in FFA and got points for showing so I went and participated.  I was trotting and loping around the arena warming my horse up and kind of being a show-off.  Yeah, that was me, haha!  There was a burger stand on the south side of the arena and when China (the horse) and I got over there something spooked her.  Well I wasn’t paying any attention, probably looking backwards talking or something and when she spooked, she went one way and I didn’t.  I wound up on my butt in front of all my friends, people I didn’t know and the judge even.  Yeah I even lost my boot in the process.  Again, I was humiliated.
Or what about the time I was warming sheep colostrum (the babies first milk with all the good antibodies) up in the house on the stove.  I had a huge 60cc syringe that we used to tube the baby lambs with so I filled it up with milk and got a silly air bubble in it.  So I tipped the syringe up and went to slowly push the air bubble out of the tube.  Now every time I washed those syringes the rubber stopper got stickier and stickier (to the inside of the syringe).  So it stuck.  I applied just a little bit of force and the thing unstuck and shot colostrum up in my mom’s kitchen light.  So not only did I have to clean up the mess, I had to warm more milk up for the baby lambs.
Or how about that time when I was in band (yes I was a band geek) that we were somewhere on a trip.  I was trying to change shirts on a school bus (as we all were) with boys and girls on the bus.  I was trying to be modest b/c I am, but I got hung up in 2 shirts and couldn’t get out.  I finally said awe screw it my bra covers more than my swimsuit top and came out of both shirts.  My friends couldn’t believe I did that.  To be honest, neither could I.  But I was sitting on the seat so I had protection around me and I quickly recovered the correct shirt!
My birthday is in July, the end of July to be exact.  From the time I was 15 until I was 21 I was always at the Ozark Empire Fair or getting ready for it to go show sheep.  The summer I turned 16, my birthday was on a Friday.  I went and showed that morning and then conned my dad into driving me back home (1 hr) to go take my driver’s test.  Well then he decided that if I could pass it in my hometown, why couldn’t I pass it in Springfield, so if I was going to take it, I had to take it there or I couldn’t take it that day.  I agreed.  So I went, waited my turn and when the police officer came to give me the test we did the inspection of dad’s truck and then proceeded on the test route.  The officer I had was super nice and started asking me questions about where I was from, why I was there taking my test, etc.  When I told him I’d been showing sheep he looked at me and said, I thought it smelled rank in here.  ha!  I just laughed.  He of course was teasing me but still.
I truthfully could go on and on but I won’t.  I’ll quit bothering you with my awkwardness!  So do you have any fun awkward stories like that?  I want to know I’m not in this boat alone!

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  1. You just had me rolling laughing, but I promise that I'm laughing with you not at you! We've ALL been through this. Haha.

  2. LOL!!!
    For some weird reason my last year of 4-H I decided to run for county fair queen. Totally not my thing! Anyway, I did fine in the horsemanship and such. But when it came to modeling, I was so embarrassed and awkward, I walked around the floor as fast as I could. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, when it came time to do my speech, I completely forgot it. It was horrible!

  3. fun memories, I was canning beets one year and went to take the skin off of one and it shot out of my hand straight up onto the bright white ceiling ! that the only “oh crap” moment I can think of at the moment, but trust me there are many many more

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