Beat the Heat, We’re Scorching in the Midwest

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With the temperatures scorching us here in the Midwest (We’re supposed to see 100 today!), I wanted to share this great little Ice Cream place that’s just around the corner (You know, depending on where you live…).
A few weekends ago we went out to lunch with my parents.  When we were leaving the restaurant my dad asked me if I liked Anderson’s Ice Cream.  I told him I didn’t know what that was.  He said, Ok we’ll go.

So we all hopped in the truck and headed toward Redings Mill.  I must admit, I didn’t know there was an ice cream shop in Redings Mill, but it is located in the same building as The Candy House.

Ok so I’d never been to the Candy House either.  Yeah I’m cool like that :).

We entered through the Candy House and oh my goodness, if you are a chocolate lover, this is your paradise!  I’m not kidding they had tons of chocolate in there as well as a few sweets too.  We were greeted by a sweet lady who offered us a sample.  We were all so stuffed from lunch that all but my dad turned her down and then my mom, husband and I decided we needed a piece too.

Hubby had the peanut butter fudge.  Mom & I had Milk Chocolate Toffee.  Dad had something else, I’m not sure which one because there were 4 different samples to choose from.  Oh you talk about good.  I was secretly kind of ready to buy some, but didn’t :).  I was ready for the ice cream. haha!  You can enter the ice cream parlor through the Candy House.

Once we were in the parlor portion the guys behind the counter told us we could have a sample of any type of ice cream we wanted to help make our decisions easier.  Oh goodness the possibilities were endless.  There was Pineapple, Toasted Coconut, Vanilla, Espresso, Banana, and that’s only a few.  I think there were like 10 options.  I tasted the Espresso (OMG was it awesome) and the Coconut (again wonderful).

I really only wanted one scoop, but I wanted the waffle cone instead of the cake cone so I settled for 2 scoops.  I know I’m a sucker… lol.  I really wanted the Toasted Coconut but was afraid I’d get tired of it so I was just going to get plain vanilla until I got grief about that so I got a scoop of Vanilla and a Scoop of Coconut.  Then I was sad I didn’t get it all Coconut.  Hubby got his in a cup and got a scoop of Pineapple Pecan and Banana.

When we got there, there were a few customers ahead of us.  Once we got our ice cream we sat down at a table to eat it and that’s when the crowd showed up.  My parents told me the store used to be located on Main Street in Joplin and that they would be lined up out the door and down the street on Friday nights.  Ok yeah, I’ll give them credit, it’s that good! :).

The current owners acquired the original soda fountain and some of the original decor and are running the parlor like it was when it originally opened.

My dad told me this was a photo of the original Mr. Anderson.

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