HuHot Mongolian Grill

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Here recently, Joplin got a HuHot Mongolian Grill.  So last weekend when my aunt and her friend came up to visit, my mom thought it would be fun to take them to a different place, some place fun.  Since HuHot is new, this was our restaurant of choice.  We all met around 7pm for dinner.

Now, the way HuHot works is once you get your seat and they take your drink order, you walk over to the bar and grab a bowl.  Then you choose your meats, noodles, additional toppings, etc and then grab any sauces from the 39 choices.

Then you take your bowl of ingredients to the grill, they take your bowl and cook your ingredients right in front of you.

Once your food is cooked, they plate it up and hand it to you.  Here is my example.

Now if you are unsure of what sauces/combinations to have/try, they do have a bunch of premade cards you can take with you up to the bar as you are getting your ingredients.

At dinner you get the choice of soup or salad.  (during lunch time it is an additional charge).  Hubby and I went for the Egg Drop Soup.

Mom, dad, AC & Neela went for the Asian Salad.

Then the server came around and asked if we wanted dessert.  Mom said, yes so we went with the Cheese Cake Rangoon.  It comes in servings of 4 or 7.  Being as there were 6 of us, we went with the 7 servings.  It came with Ice cream and your choice of 2 sauces for the cheesecakes.  Mom chose White Chocolate and AC chose Raspberry.  I can’t even begin to tell you how heavenly these were!!

We enjoyed the fair so well that we took Tbug there for lunch this weekend.  We learned that whatever the kid age is, she got to eat for 99cents with the purchase of an adults entree.  Nice to know :).  I’m not sure what the kid “sweet” age is but definitely something to check out :).

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