Happy Birthday

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Today is my 33rd birthday. 33, wow. I can remember when I thought someone in their 30’s was old. I guess now I’m old? Remind me of this statement when I’m 40, please. Once upon a time I did a 101 in 1001 list… 101 items to complete in 1001 days. I’m not really willing to try that again right now. I told my dad yesterday morning that I heard your 30’s were supposed to be better than your 20’s. He told me, “You are what you make it. It is all state of mind.”

I believe goals help you achieve things. So I decided to set 33 goals for my 33rd year. Help keep me on track, please!
Still to do     In Progress     Accomplished + the date

  1. Pay off my car.
  2. Break Abug’s mare, Little Pi, to ride
  3. Use my gift certificate to train with a local horse trainer.
  4. Lose 33 pounds. (roughly at 10-15 in this goal….)
  5. Ride Blonde Barbie more.
  6. Sell my house.
  7. Look into either building or buying another house.
  8. Potty train my baby girl.
  9. Go on a vacation.
  10. Dive in the ocean again.
  11. Find a job, more especially, find my dream job.
  12. Get my second teaching license.
  13. Visit 8 states. (6/8)
  14. Find tourist things to do in my area.
  15. Get a Hydros BC for SCUBA diving. (8/4/16)
  16. Sell my Ladyhawk BC to buy the Hydros BC. (Sold 7/30/16)
  17. Train Blonde Barbie to be a Cutting Horse.
  18. Show again.
  19. Write a book.
  20. Get my travel blog up and running.
  21. Pay off some debt.
  22. Update my wardrobe, maybe become more fashionable.
  23. Spend more time with my grandma.
  24. See Beauty and the Beast in theaters.
  25. See a Broadway Musical (although it doesn’t have to be in NYC)
  26. Spend more quality time with baby girl.
  27. Attend the 2016 NCHA Futurity.
  28. Help with the 2017 Trails for Kids.
  29. Enter (and hopefully place) a photo contest.
  30. Become a better photographer.
  31. Learn to paint.
  32. Build a snowman.
  33. Just learn to live more and say yes more.

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