Old Settler's Picnic

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Saturday was the Moss Springs Old Settler’s Picnic.

My dad saw a flier for it weeks ago and said they had a photography contest.  He mentioned that I should enter.  So hubby and I started going through our photos and debating which photos we’d like to enter.

There were 7 categories:

  • Black and White
  • Still Life
  • Portrait 11 and under
  • Portrait 12 and up
  • Animal
  • Floral
  • Landscape

I entered a photo in every category.  Hubby entered in 5 of the 7.

So when we arrived to turn our photos, things were in full swing.  The drizzling rain didn’t stop anyone!  Here is a friend of my grandma’s and my uncle competing in the Horse Shoe contest.

My mom entered an afghan.  And I’m pleased to say, she won!!

My grandma entered bread, fudge and one other category.  I haven’t heard yet how she did.

And then our photos.  Here were our placings!!

  1. The Black & White feet was hubby’s entry.
  2. The Floral was my entry.
  3. the Hawaiian Sunset was Hubby’s entry.

  1. The boots entry was mine.
  2. The Horse Entry was mine.
  3. The picture of hubby was mine.
  4. The picture of Tbug was hubby’s.

I entered the Las Vegas Strip Landscape.  I got a compliment from a Professional Photographer saying that it should have won hands down.

This was hubby’s entry.

This was my entry.

This was my entry.

This was hubby’s entry.

Really, for our first ever photo contest we were quite pleased with how we did :).  Have you ever attended your local Old Settler’s Picnic?

11 thoughts on “Old Settler's Picnic

  1. Way to go! You guys have some amazing pictures, no wonder you did so well with placing! Ahh, I can't wait for the fair this weekend to check out all the crafts, pictures, art, and quilts!! 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up for WW! I'm glad u found me 🙂 I'm now your newest GFC follower.

    And a big CONGRATS to you and your husband on your wins!!!


  3. Congrats!! That is so awesome! Great great job. I have never entered a photo contest like that.

    You both had some great pictures.

  4. How cool!! Love your spontaneity. Great job on your photos. Found you via WW on Paula's website. My name is Nicole too:)


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